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[Android] Equalizer missing in the app settings

Hey everyone,


We're receiving reports from users that the equalizer is missing in the settings of the app. 


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Hey folks,


Thanks for your updates and for your patience while we've been looking into this issue. We can now confirm that this should be fixed for everyone!


Make sure your app is updated to the latest version. If you're still having trouble, make sure to post in the relevant help board here.


Happy listening 🙂







Pixel 3XL

Operating System

Android 12


My Question or Issue

Tonight the app updated to version and the equalizer page disappeared from the settings.

What's more, the settings remained set on the latest equalizer profile I used. Since I play bass, I often switch between the default settings and a custom profile with all the bass frequencies turned down, that I use for practicing. So now I'm stuck with this profile, with all the bass turned down.

Please don't tell me to reinstall/reset the app... even if I could revert to the default EQ settings, the equalizer is an essential feature for the reason I said above.

FYI, I'm using a preview of Android 12, but the OS did not update and the app was working correctly. I use this feature on a daily basis and it happened today after the Spotify app updated.

Also, I tried downloading Amazon Music and the equalizer is available, so it doesn't look like an OS/device issue.

Is this a bug? Has it been intentionally removed? (I hope not...) Has it been moved elsewhere?



I'm having the exact same problem 😕 


I used the equalizer, the one in spotify to change the bass settings depending on the device I used and now its gone! Is there anyway to access the equalizer other than spotify? So I can atleast change the bass setting to normal for my other devices.


I can't reset or uninstall because I have SOO many playlists and albums downloaded I would lose them all 😞 Help!


I have the exact same problem unfortunately, and I too am stuck on a bass preset.




Hey @tompabes and @Myouify,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


Keep in mind that the equalizer setting in the app for Android opens the own device equalizer - it isn't an equalizer that the Spotify app itself has. That said, you should be able to go to your device settings and modify the equalizer from there as you'd like.


Hope this helps. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.




Hey @CarlosE, thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, this is not a feasible solution.

I know that, in Android, apps just load the system equalizer. That's why I tried installing Amazon Music: to check whether it was still available at an OS level or not. To double check, I also tried Youtube Music, which I'm sure brings up the system equalizer, and verified that it's still there.

The problem is that not all phones have a system equalizer page that can be accessed from the settings. One notable case: Google's Pixel phones. In Android, it's up to the application to show the system equalizer as you cannot assume that the phone has a separate access point for that.

So, as you can see from the other responses (and there are now 2 other users with the same problem), we're stuck with a customized EQ profile that we cannot change. I also tried reinstalling Spotify, with no luck.

I cannot say how widespread this is, but the fact that it's affecting multiple users, at the same time and after the app was updated, most likely means that something changed, either in the app or in android, and caused the EQ to disappear for some users.

At the moment, I had to switch to a different service. Without the possibility to use the EQ, the change will be, unfortunately, permanent. Really hope Spotify will fix this.


I'm having the same issue. Got stuck to the EQ settings I set the last time Equalizer was available in Spotify (which sounds good on some headphones, but terrible in most speakers). I use a Pixel 2 phone.


Found a workaround: Restored system's default Equalizer configuration (this will revert changes so Spotify won't be stuck on the latest EQ settings before Equalizer went missing) and installed 3rd party Equalizer.


To restore the system's EQ, I went to Settings > Apps > three dots > Show system. Then I went to MusicFX (which controls EQ for my Pixel 2 phone). It doesn't have an interface, so I disabled it, cleared data & cache and re-enabled it.


Same problem here: stucked at the last settings made before the Eq option suddenly disappeared. This "MusicFX" way worked fine for me to restore the settings... but no more Eq option anymore in Spotify...


Latest update seems to have removed the Equalizer/Equaliser/EQ from Settings > Audio Quality. 


First problem with this is that I have Pixel 5 so the EQ is essential to help music not sound like complete dogsh#t whilst listening thought the phone speaker.


Second problem is that the EQ is still 'ON' even though the menu option has disappeared so the anti-Pixel5-EQ affects all connected devices and makes them also sound like complete dogsh#t. Can't turn it off!


Who do I whine at to get the EQ menu back? I no, I'm not about to go but a new phone to fix the issue of having a great phone with the worst sounding speaker in the universe. Thanks.

Hi there @Theashkinsdiet,
Thank you for posting on the Community.
The team is aware of this behavior with the missing equalizer and it's already being investigated. We're not able to provide you with a timeframe for a fix, but we can recommend keeping the app updated.
Let us know if we can help you with anything else.