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[Android] Equalizer missing in the app settings

Hey everyone,


We're receiving reports from users that the equalizer is missing in the settings of the app. 


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Hey folks,


Thanks for your updates and for your patience while we've been looking into this issue. We can now confirm that this should be fixed for everyone!


Make sure your app is updated to the latest version. If you're still having trouble, make sure to post in the relevant help board here.


Happy listening 🙂


I have a Google Pixel 4A 5G, I just updated to 12. I don't have any options for audio quality or social within the Spotify app.


Are you sure this is fixed?




This is not fixed at all.

Just got a new phone (android, oneplus) and the equalizer is nowhere to be find. I can't even find "Music Quality" in the menu which is where i should find the equalizer on an android according to your description. There is only "Sound quality" and that one is only all about the streaming wifi etc. Your description:

  1. Tryck på Hem 
  2. Tryck på Inställningar 
  3. Under Musikkvalitet trycker du på Equalizer.
  4. Välj det ljud du gillar i din enhets ljudinställningar.")


Problem is there is no such thing as music quality amongst the settings!

I remember the equalizer was gone last time i got a new android too but i cant remember how i made it appear. I worked some strange magic. 


We can now confirm that this should be fixed for everyone!


Huawei mate 20 pro



Still missing here, even on the latest availeble update.

Any tips, could I download another version APK and get it back. In that case which one?


EQ still missing on both Windows desktop and Android OS.
Hide/Dislike option missing from both above operating systems (This is on the suggested "Daily Mixes").
Not being able to hide / remove some of these suggestions make having my eardrum violently perforated with a blunt screwdriver seem appealing.
Please fix the above issues sooner rather than later.


Huawei mate 20 pro


No equalizer her 


Hi, I'm using third party equalizer on Android. I used it for some years. But after october update, it doesn't work anymore. The quality of sound of music is terrible without equalizer. I try to use different equalizer but it was same. Is there someone who has same problem - after update any equalizer doesn't work.

I have a OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone and at the time of october update I had Android 11, now I have Android 12. Problem still continues.

  • Hi,my problem is that equalizer on desktop is ok,but on Android phone app is equalizer missing.

The EQ setting is missing for me as well.


Device: Motorola 5G UW (2021)

Android Version 12


I don't know when this no longer became a missing setting to me, but I just purchased a new set of headphones and noticed it was gone when I went to tinker with it. This setting has always been there, as far as I can remember ~ 3 months ago.


The Spotify website says for Android " you're taken to your device's Audio and Accessory settings...(note that not all Android devices will have this option present)."


So can I assume based on this information, Spotify has discontinued their in-app equalizer and just added a re-direct to your smartphones own equalizer?


And can I assume that since my phone doesn't have this feature that this feature on my Spotify app is just unavailable, rather than there just being a bug in the software? 


I wish they were more clear on this. If my assumptions are correct, just add another sentence and say, "if this feature is unavailable on your device, then unfortunately there is not access to an equalizer through the Spotify app.