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[Android] First Song in Playlists on Custom Order changes constantly

Hey folks, 

We noticed that the current first song in any playlist will keep swapping with a different song from the same playlist. This is now being investigated.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue!


We're happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Cheers 🙂


Also experiencing this:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Android 14

Spotify version


As everyone else has mentioned, I'm currently having the same problem where my top song in the playlist is being swapped with the songs halfway down.




Spotify Version


Pixel 7 Pro

Android Version

Android 14


I gotta admit I panicked a little at first, very happy to find this thread 🙂

My first hunch was that it had something to do with duplicates in large lists. The first list I noticed this on, the #2 spot song was also featured again about halfway through the list (as a duplicate). This is where I found the correct #1 song, just above the duplicate of the #2 song. So the #1 song moved to the position just above the second instance of the duplicate #2 song.


In other lists, this is not the case, and in fact the #1 song can be found exactly at the halfway point of the list, without the #2 song being a duplicate.


Hope this helps.


Android 14 (build UQ240105.004), Pixel 7 Pro, spotify app version




I was playing with the length of the playlist and noticed this issue starts to happen once the playlist reaches around 130 songs, for whatever reason. Less than that and it seems to act normally.


It also only happens to me on mobile. On desktop everything is acting normally.


Samsung Galaxy S9+

Android version 10

Spotify version







Redmi Note 10 Pro

Operating System

Android 13

Today I realized the first song is switched with another track in my playlist. When I try to reorder it, it switches again with a random track. I have reinstalled the app, but nothing has changed. 

I am a premium user in the US with Motorola and Samsung phones that have Android 11 and 14 respectively.  Random tracks in my longer playlists no longer appear, though album cover art for the missing tracks is still visible in the playlist's icon.  This began happening in the last hour.  Playlists appear normal on my Chromebook when using the PWA, so seems like something is awry in your systems impacting Android devices, perhaps a bug with the last update, which I loaded on both devices in the last 24 hours.  



I just realised that one or two of my songs were shuffled around on each of my playlists. I haven't even turned on Smart Shuffle. Please fix this issue?


I am also having this problem as of today on a Pixel 7 with multiple different long playlists (several hundred songs or more). It doesn't seem to be happening on desktop, or with short playlists.


Exact same issue here with a long playlist!! Since today!! On desktop it's normal, but it doesn't synchronize with the playlist in my phone, reinstalling the app did't work either. (Android version as well)


I am having the same issue with my playlist today, when I try to move the song back to the top it keeps adding random songs to put above it.