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[Android] High battery consumption Galaxy S10

Status: Won't Fix






Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

Android Pie


My Question or Issue

I have been using Spotify for many years now on a lot of different devices including many Android phones. 

I have been noticing a huge battery drain whenever I was outside commuting. I travel a lot and I'm streaming on Spotify most of the time so I started monitoring it's battery consumption. And it's a lot higher than expected. For example, today I streamed for about 2, hours and it used 22% of my battery. This is recurrent and not isolated. 


I'm not sure if I can share links for Reddit here, but you can easily find threads about this exact issue on the Galaxy S10 subreddit. Just search for 'spotify' and you'll easily find them. And it's almost always around 10% battery usage per hour. This is a lot when compared to other phones and not acceptable. 


Is the Spotify team aware of this issue? Is any fix being worked on? 


PS: Please look at @R_airhorns post in the comments and take a look at his consumption (added his screenshot to OP). This cannot be normal and it's killing our batteries. It's also frustrating that the Spotify Team does not say a thing about it. 

Screenshot_20190402-215553_Device care.jpg
Screenshot_20190405-074134_Device care.jpg

Hey folks,


We really appreciate your patience while we looked into this.


After a thorough investigation based on the info you provided, the relevant team was not able to confirm that this is an issue which is caused by Spotify.


As a result, we're marking this as 'Won't Fix'. We respect the fact that multiple users are affected by this issue, so we'd like to provide some steps which will help optimize battery usage on your respective devices:

  • Constantly check for any Android updates as well as Spotify updates
  • Turn off high-drain features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and hotspots when not needed
  • Limit activities which require an internet connection such as having multiple apps running (even in the background), using GPS for long periods, or playing/pausing videos on streaming while using Spotify
  • Keep an eye on your screen brightness levels to make sure they’re not unnecessarily high
  • Take good care of your battery by - among other things - using the power adapter which came with your phone, preventing the device from overheating, and charging it only for as long as it takes for it to reach full battery capacity

For further official info regarding the best ways to manage your Android device's battery consumption, you can refer to the following Google support articles:

Thanks again!


Yep, same here with the Galaxy S10e. Seems to be even worse for the Exynos chip models. Please fix this Spotify!


Same here on my snapdragon S10. I'm losing around 10% per hour if I have spotify playing in the background. 


Same issue here with S10+ exynos variant.

I doesn't matter if I'm playing streaming or a downloaded playlist.


S10 exynos.


I'm struggling with background battery usage. Every single day, regardless of whether I've opened Spotify, Spotify drains approx 10-15% in the background. It also runs nearly non stop in the background for the entirety of the whole day, even if I force stop it it. 


I allowed all permissions, have tried letting my phone sleep it (and not), tried a full reinstall... I'm super close to cancelling the service altogether 🙁


Screenshot shows the background usage over the course of a week. I've only used Spotify actively for half an hour this week, and background is still worse than ever.

Screenshot_20190405-074134_Device care.jpg

Having issues too. Lots of background drain


I have exactly the same issue. Is there any fix available??

Screenshot_20190415-221549_Device care.jpg

On my previous phone (iphone 5s), spotify's bettery consumption was minimal, considering that I use spotify copiously. Now on my s10e exynos it seems odd that spotify consumes more battery than my gaming apps.


Didn't realize how bad it drains until I changed to week view. **bleep**, hope they fix it ASAP. S10 exynos, Germany 


I've got horrible battery drain as well on my s10+ exynos.


I have this same issue with the Snapdragon variant. Is Spotify even looking into this? Spotify now uses more battery than my screen.