[Android] Missing Extreme Quality Option


Status: Fixed


Under some circumstances, the Extreme Quality option disappears from the Android streaming/syncing quality options. 


To reproduce (Steps provided by @Joe - Thanks!):

  • Launch spotify in portrait mode
  • Open settings - no extreme quality
  • With settings page showing. Rotate to landscape mode - extreme quality reappears and is selected
  • Rotate to portrait mode and it still shows extreme
  • Leave the settings page then go back to it and extreme is gone - both dropdowns show high quality



Rotating application as outlined above will make the option reappear.


Additional information:

This appears to only be a graphical glitch, the extreme quality option remains selected even if not visible. This only seems to apply to some devices.



2013-12-20 Status changed to "Under Investigation." We've submitted this internally and are looking into it.

2014-02-11 Status changed to "Fixed." This is fixed with the latest Android release..


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Status: Fixed
Community Legend
Extreme quality has always shown for me - it has never vanished.

SGS2, CM11, Android 4.4.1
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, Peter. I've changed the status to "Under Investigation." We've submitted this internally and are looking into it.

Casual Listener

I also had this problem. In fact I was not even aware of extreme quality option! But then I wanted to download playslist on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone and this option appeared. So I downloaded it in extreme quality. Then i went to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet. The option wasn;t there. Your post helped. Thanks.


Hope Spotify can fix this vanisihing option quickly.

Gig Goer

Yet more Spotify software bugs. It honestly blows my mind how this company can keep getting so much wrong with the apps the produce, be with the desktop or mobile apps.

Digging a little deeper here, I believe this to be more than a UI bug. I noticed this bug because I just started listening to a song on my tablet that I had previous listened to on my phone, but hadn't on this device. It was immediately apparant that the sound quality was awful. My tablet has always been set to extreme quality, but the extremely poor sound quality prompted me to check the setting, to which I see teh bug described here with it showing 'High Quality' with extreme missing. However, I believe the app is acually playing in normal quality, and not even the bugged high quality shown.

I say this because even loading the same song on Youtube result in a MUCH higher quality result. Now I doubt Youtubes audio would usually beat Spotifys standard 160kbps ogg (aka mobile high quality), but the difference is night and day. The only way such a difference could be so big was if the mobile app was actually running at the 96kbps normal quality, reagrdless of what the quality settng shows.

I should sure hope Spotify will be refunding us for blocking us out of the quality we actually pay good money for. It's disapointing to see that after nearly 2 weeks from the first reports of this bug this is still unresolved. Spotifys customer service really is an utter load of bull**bleep**.

Gig Goer

I have the same issue on my Tablet Z, no Extreme option available.


Hi have the same problem

Music Fan
Hello same problem, Nexus 7 2012 KitKat plus playback of music stops and starts. Truely awful performance at the moment. Sems to work on my Moto g phone and extreme setting is still these oin this device. This is the first time I have had problems with Spotify, so disappointed. Staying premium. For now.
Community Manager
Community Manager

If you're still experiencing this issue, we need to know what Spotify version you're using.

Music Fan
Hello. Ver no downloaded songs. Steaming at extreme although I have the glitch where if you flip the tablet to portrait the sound quality settings go down to high quality. Hope this helps. Nexus 7 android 4.4.2
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@Per I think this is just a display problem. If you turn your device to landscape, the extreme quality option appears in the drop down list and is still available when you change back to portrait. Every time you reopen the settings while in portrait orientation the extreme quality option disappears, but comes back if you change to landscape. This is only happening, for me, on tablet devices (Nexus 7 and Sony Tablet S), not on my phone (HTC One X). Still experiencing this on the latest version