[Android] New music won't stay downloaded (2)

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Tracks synced for offline playback get unsynced.


Additional information:

First of all, I am very sorry that this bug has reared its ugly head again. Clearly we didn't intend for this to happen.


Tracks might get re-synched as soon as you go online again.


When this bug previously occurred it seemed to only affect newer playlist additions


Please provide this information so we can investigate again:

  • Spotify version
  • Mobile Phone model (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4)
  • Android Operating system version (i.e. 4.2.2)
  • One or two example tracks that have unsynched (An actual link to the track(s) would be most helpful. I.e. http://open.spotify.com/track/034h8tVGEkurQkR96clibA)
  • Approximately when did you add the affected track(s)?

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Google Nexus 4

Android 4.2.2

Playlist: Billboard Rock Songs

Synced at work, switched to offline mode, played a few songs, it worked, 10 minutes later, without closing the app, songs won't play anymore, stay at 0:00. I forced stop the app, reopened it, playlist and all the songs were not synced anymore.

Please fix this. I can't believe you can't reproduce this. I am willing to provide logs, directory structures, anything that is necessary.

It this is not fixed soon, I intend to cancel my subscribtion.


Update: A colleage of yours from @SpotifyCares asked me if I use any cache clearing apps. I removed any app that may have even the slightest connection with this. There problem is still there.

  • Spotify version -
  • Mobile Phone model - Samsung Nexus (i515)
  • Android Operating system version - 4.2.2
  • One or two example tracks that have unsynched  - Starred playlist is the only thing i ever try to sync. However I add new songs to it all the time. 
  • Approximately when did you add the affected track(s)? Entire playlist unsyncs repeatedly. Playlist is under 2400 songs.

Have repeatedly done the clean installation. Also unable to connect with Computer Spotify list.

Casual Listener


Samsung Galaxy S1

Android 2.3.3

Happens to all of my playlists. Playlists are typically albums which I add and then download. They stay for a couple of days - week & then randomly disappear. I don't know how to copy the link but an example album playlist is Bahamas - Barchords. 



Casual Listener

The last update seems to have resolved this issue for me on my S3. Thanks!


Spotify version:

Model: HTC One SV without LTE

Android: 4.2.2

What type of account do you have - Premium

Space left on your device - 1.35 GB

Space left on your SD card (if applicable) - 4gb

Space left on your External SD card (if applicable) n/a

Is your device rooted? - no

Are you using a custom ROM, if so which one, exactly? - no

Did you set your external SD card as storage location? - n/a

Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store? -no

Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data (If applicable)? - no, just wifi

Your username - Xevi CarpeDiem

Are you logging in with Facebook or with your Spotify login details? - Facebook


Music often dissapears in a random way. I also give you this link: 




This has two screenshots and other problems i have with my device.



Casual Listener

Dear Spotify Team,

I'm having this bug for a few months now on a regular basis. Several times per day Spotify starts do download tracks that I've already downloaded but which have gone missing. So I decided to put Spotify into offline mode to figure out which (random) tracks of my playlistst are affected. Please find them below (those are not even all missing tracks).


Please provide this information so we can investigate again:

I hate to be nagging but I'm a premium member and in my opinion such a silly bug is not acceptable for a paid app.


Thanks for your support.