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[Android] New music won't stay downloaded (2)

Thread: 115032

Status: Reopened


Tracks synced for offline playback get unsynced.


Additional information:

First of all, I am very sorry that this bug has reared its ugly head again. Clearly we didn't intend for this to happen.


Tracks might get re-synched as soon as you go online again.


When this bug previously occurred it seemed to only affect newer playlist additions


Please provide this information so we can investigate again:

  • Spotify version
  • Mobile Phone model (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4)
  • Android Operating system version (i.e. 4.2.2)
  • One or two example tracks that have unsynched (An actual link to the track(s) would be most helpful. I.e.
  • Approximately when did you add the affected track(s)?
  • Spotify version:
  • Mobile Phone model: One Plus One
  • Android Operating system version: CyanogenOS 12.0.YNG1TAS213, Android Verion 5.0.2
  • One or two example tracks that have unsynched (An actual link to the track(s) would be most helpful: ALL tracks
  • Approximately when did you add the affected track(s)? ALL the tracks added since the beggining of time

I load Spotify on my mobile device one day and firstly was greeted by the Login/Sign Up page. After logging in, ALL the tracked are wiped from the phone. This has been at least the 6th time it has happened.

Happening to me too. I've been a Spotify customer for years, but if this doesn't get fixed very soon, I'll be hunting for alternatives. Haven't needed offline until now. This is a joke. This problem has been reported on 57 pages on this forum now for over 2 years. Version ZenFone 2 Android 5.0 Frankly, a bug like this for 2+ years is just embarrassing.

After much comminication with the spotify team the following solution has worked for me:


  1. (From within the App) delete cache and saved data
  2. (From withing the App) log out
  3. (Online via spotify account) remove the problem mobile device from your list of devices
  4. (From mobile device) uninstall the app
  5. (From mobile device) reinstall the app from: using Manual download, DO NOT INSTALL VIA PLAY STORE. This will require permission to install apps from unknown sources (android-settings-security-device administration-Unknown sources).
  6. (From mobile device) sign in and sync as required.

This worked for me, the app does not save to my SD card anymore but I have a reasonable amount of device memory so this isn't too much of a problem.


The app has been stable for a couple of months, entering and exiting offline mode. Due to memory limitaitions I can't sync anything close to maximum permitted number of tracks but I can sync more than enough for general needs.


It's not immediately obvious how to contact a person at spotify directly, but if you work through the FAQs there is eventually a form to send a direct request. The people I dealt with were incredilby helpful, the advice was little repetative but I think they were making subtle changes to my account settings in the background. 


Spotify - I think I have found a way for you to replicate this.


It also accounts for other fixes like PeteyG_UK's above.


I have a 64gb Sandisk SD card and a 32gb SD card. The 64gb card would occassionally disconnect (unmount) and reconnect (mount) all by itself. I could see this happening in android notifications. It didn't happen often, and it usually reconnected easily, so it wasn't much of an issue - for everything except Spotify. It seems when it disconnected and reconnected - that's when the Offline library would disappear. Note the files weren't touched - just for some reason Spotify didn't know they were there anymore. The Sandisk card apparently suffers from this problem - see here (and others on the web)


When I swapped out to the 32gb card all my offline songs have remained offline - for over a month now which is far longer than it ever lasted on the 64gb card. Rock solid. I tried uninstalling, re-installing and all that crap and none of those things fixed the problem more than temporarily. Swapping out the seemingly faulty SD card did fix the issue.


So it seems there is an issue with Spotify not picking up the offline files when you unmount and remount an SD card. I imagine that should be very easy to replicate, test and FIX.

I've got an android note 3 & I've had my Spotify account for years. Within the last year, I've needed to repeatedly sign-in & download any/all of the playlists which I've created throughout the time I've been a subscriber. Before this issue began with my Spotify subscription, my playlists remained downloaded. If wifi's not available at the time I'm wanting to listen to my subscribed Spotify playlists, I'm unable to get the service that I'm paying Spotify for. When I'm back home & I'm able to utilize wifi, I then must download the playlists again. It's not like I'm reimbursed my subscription fee each time Spotify isn't available to me because the service deletes my previous downloads & that's not good business. WTF, Spotify???
I will copy & paste my previous complaint, by indigoart, on facebook for those deciding to invest in a Spotify subscription.

I have left Spotify 1-2 times because of this problem. I came back for web listening, on a family plan with my girlfriend. But I'm thinking of canceling again, because inevitably I'd like to sync music to my Android, but the same problem keeps happening.


As others here report, the following happens:


1) Music I "Save" will later appear as not saved at all.

2) Music I Sync/Download to my phone will disappear, usually as soon as I "Go Offline"


I have a Nexus 6, running the stock OS, up to date.


This has been happening for a couple months, when I have the courage to try the app again. I recall it happening as long as a year ago, too, when I used to subscribe on my own.


I have tried the steps suggested by PeteyG_UK on ‎01-08-2015 11:08 AM -- no result. Or rather, the exact same behavior as before.


I am tech savvy and willing to perform steps and collect logs if Spotify would like assistance troubleshooting this problem. Assuming the app is capable of logging and error reporting...

I've tried every recommended solution, which is a pain in the ass. I still get sporadic undownloading of 200-300 tracks of my 2600 tracks.

I also have this issue with my HTC One M8 with all latest Android OS and Spotify app updates installed.


Its been a problem for months with several different Spotify versions.


Songs wont stay "green arrowed" in offline mode. That is, some are but random songs in several playlists gets greyed out after 1-2 days. I then need to go online to resync for offline playing.

And just to be clear, the songs are NOT removed from Spotify, they all come back in my playlists once I go online again.