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[Android] New music won't stay downloaded

Status: Fixed

Thread: 115032

Status: Resolved


Whereas older playlists remain intact, newer tracks synced for offline playback tend to get unsynced.


Additional information:

Disappearing playlists go back as far as July, 2012

When replying here, please also tell us some of your playlists that won't remain downloaded. If you could add a approximate date when you created the playlist that would also be of great help




2013-02-21: Our engineers are looking to find out who is still being affected by this. If you could fill out this form it would really help!


2013-03-20: The latest version of Spotify for Android should resolve this issue. You can find it over on the Google Play store right now. If you still have playlists desyncing, try a clean installation to start afresh - hopefully it should resolve it for you. If not, please let us know.


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I have the same problem , but then with playlist folders that disappear on my desktop spotify but appaears on my Android spotify, so i cant remove this folder, which is really frustrating ..... i hope you will fixit

@Goodman wrote:

There is an issue right now that can cause your downloaded playlists to disappear / unsync.


We are aware of this and suspect this is a bug. There are some possible culprits in the code so troubleshooting, pinpointing and eventually fixing it may tome some time.


But, we are looking into it and will let you know when it is fixed, either in this post or in the patch notes of the update with which we fix it.

This also appears to happen in the BlackBerry client. 


Has been happening constantly. My playlists are all as they were about 4 months ago on my phone, new playlists will unsync.


Yeah, this keeps happening on my HTC Desire S...very frustrating. Sometimes they come back...sometimes not. It seems to happen only to the latest downloaded ones....perhaps there's a downloaded track limit accidentally built in incorrectly?


Never happened when you could store the contents on the SD card *gnash gnash*


Some of my tracks now dont play and when i refer to my PC version it states 'get' next to the track, where as up to a week ago I could listen to it!

WOuld really appreciate a reply as I have tweeted and emailed with no response. Paying £10 a month for tracks disappearing, crackling on the songs and now songs unable to play that could previously..isnt good enough.





+1 oldest playlist stay synched but most recent playlist disappear regularly... (Android 4.0.4 / Galaxy S3)


another with same issue - to confirm it is only the newer playlists that keep unsyncing. My 3 old ones (which are my biggest, 700 odd songs, 74 and 450) are all fine. 


I had the same problem on the Android app ( Galaxy S2 )


Try this work around:


Connect to Wifi

Download playlist

play track

keeping spotify on screen, disconnect wifi

play second track.

connect to wifi and disconnect to test.


Playlist should now be retained for offline use.


Same thing here. I have a samsung galaxy mini and new playlist I download offline to my phone will just dissapear but my old playlist just stay the same.


Waiting eagerly for a fix for this (as I have been for months now!)


I love Spotify and don't want to cancel my membership because this problem can't be fixed.