[Android] New music won't stay downloaded

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Whereas older playlists remain intact, newer tracks synced for offline playback tend to get unsynced.


Additional information:

Disappearing playlists go back as far as July, 2012

When replying here, please also tell us some of your playlists that won't remain downloaded. If you could add a approximate date when you created the playlist that would also be of great help




2013-02-21: Our engineers are looking to find out who is still being affected by this. If you could fill out this form it would really help!


2013-03-20: The latest version of Spotify for Android should resolve this issue. You can find it over on the Google Play store right now. If you still have playlists desyncing, try a clean installation to start afresh - hopefully it should resolve it for you. If not, please let us know.


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There's been an issue since June you mean:

And a 12-page thread started in August:


My fix has been to try alternatives. I'm on day 5 of my free Rdio trial and I have to say, no problems with syncing at all. Might try Deezer next before making a final decision on who gets my money. I'd recommend everyone try this fix, it works for me. It's a real shame that after years of subscribing it's come to this 😞

@Goodman wrote:

There is an issue right now ...



Going to cancel my subscription soon....what's the point in paying for premium if I can't sync my phone????


Pls sort it out soon....


Found a workaround which does work for me...

I added all my music from all my playlists to one of the old playlists that did sync, renamed this to 'all'. Now this is the only playlist that I get to sync, all the others will show up as undownloaded but when I click on them all the track are there.


Just need to make sure that every time I add songs to/create playlists I also add it to that 'all' playlists.


I can vouch for that work around, all tracks that are in the main playlists I have that are old (and therefore sync'd) do show as downloaded and am able to play them even through the playlists which show as not downloaded. Good work sweek!

done nothing but the playlists are now synching.... after 3 weeks of no sync.....





With all respect but this is not "solved" for sure. I find it quite strange to claim a workaround a fix!


You broke a core feature of your premium customers and still it is not fixed. Will we get a free month?


The "fix" just doesn't work for me: None of my playlists sync - neither new nor old - as I already reinstalled and reset Spotify on my Android. Therefore I lost all my old playlists, too, and now none of them syncs.


Ok. The fix seems to be found: Rdio. Just cancelled my Spotify subscription. You still have time to convince me till 23 October - before the subscription ends.


Lol, a workaround, which doesn't work for everyone <> fixed?!?!


Yeah whilst this work around is ok for me, it's only because I had old playlists. Any new customers won't be able to sync playlists and although I can work around it, new ones I create still won't work as they should.


This most certainly isn't "solved" - there is just a work about for some people.


Given that this is the feature you pay premium subscription for, I'd have expected 1. More regular updates on here from spotify and 2. A bloody quick proper fix to be issued. Very disappointing support response, in my opinion.