[Android] New music won't stay downloaded

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Whereas older playlists remain intact, newer tracks synced for offline playback tend to get unsynced.


Additional information:

Disappearing playlists go back as far as July, 2012

When replying here, please also tell us some of your playlists that won't remain downloaded. If you could add a approximate date when you created the playlist that would also be of great help




2013-02-21: Our engineers are looking to find out who is still being affected by this. If you could fill out this form it would really help!


2013-03-20: The latest version of Spotify for Android should resolve this issue. You can find it over on the Google Play store right now. If you still have playlists desyncing, try a clean installation to start afresh - hopefully it should resolve it for you. If not, please let us know.


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I've the same problem. Well, not exactly the same.
I've one playlist with more than 300 songs. Some of the songs of some artists (e.g. Nickelback and Natasha Bedingfield) are working well in offline mode. But all the others are unsync.
I think it is kinda wierd that some artists are working and others not.

If this issue isn't fixed within the next month I will cancel my premuim account, too.


I have the same problem. However, my Stared Playlist stays on my phone (SGS2)! And if I'll add new tracks to that playlist, it syncs fine. The other downloaded playlist disappear... ;-(


The fact that this was released to a live environment suggests that the Spotify QC and testing is very, very poor.


That said, Spotify HQ would have been bombarded with queries relating to this as soon as the latest application was made available by a lot of unhappy customers.  To think that this has STILL not being fixed is possibly worse than the bug being in there in the first place.


I am so disappointed with the service from Spotify that I am seriously considering cancelling my account and shopping around for alternatives.


BTW - For all of you Android lovers (which includes me), have you seen how the app looks on an iPhone or an iPad?  If you have, you will know for sure that Android users are classed as second rate customers by Spotify.

As I said, I am very, very disappointed.  Paying a premium but only having the same features as a free account.

Poor show.


I is such a mess.  Everytime I walk into my house Spoify start download a couple hundred tracks over...and...over...and over.


AND because there is no way to exit Spotify anymore unless I catch it and do a force close it burns the battery up on my phone.


Lovely implementation.  Some of the buggiest software I have ever dealt with.

Downloaded playlists dissappear for me too when going offline after having synced on wifi.

Strangely sometimes they work a couple of hours, but are then gone in the morning.

Had this problem for about two months now so guess it came with the new look of the app.

Please fix soon or I will stop using Premium. Free months as compensation would be appropriate.

I also agree that the app looks so much better on the Ipad. Android customers are treated as less important customers 😞

Operator: Telia
Phone: HTC One X

And to top it all off, we get absolutely zero feedback from Spotify.


Something has also just occured to me, the fact that my Samsung Galaxy S2 barely lasts a day without the need to re- charge it.  I wonder whether it's Spotify continuously attempting to download tracks that should infact already be there.


Is it too much to ask to pay for something that does what it says on the tin.  Obviously it is.


The longer this roles on and the longer we have to wait for an update, the more likely I am to cancel my subscription.  Why the hell can't someone from Spotify come on here and say 'hey guys, sorry about the problems, we are about to release an updated app where this will be fixed'?  Poor, poor, poor.


Well that's my subscription cancelled. I'm sure they won't miss me anyway.


Rdio was excellent for the week trial, highly recommend it. Testing Deezer at the moment. Had a playback issue on 1 track, and so it looked like it was Rdio FTW but ... Deezer released a new version of the app the very next day, which included "Correction of HTC OneX player problem" (the phone I have). Take note Spotify.


Subscription cancelled. I've just installed Deezer. Seems to look exactly the same, but offline playlists work. You also get a two week free trial.


I've had enough too - if they sort the issues out I might come back. Until then...




I have the same issue, and TBH the ability to sync to my mobile is the only reason for paying for premium. Mine's being playing up now for 3-4 weeks and no sign of improvement.