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Some T-Mobile customers are reporting Spotify can't connect to the Internet. This appears to be caused by IPv6 settings being applied to devices. 


To reproduce:

  1. Use a new android device on T-Mobile that was a network set IPv6 APN. 


You can set a IPv4 APN from your device settings (see topics above) but unfortunately the change gets reverted after some time. 


Additional information:

If you are having this issue, could you please let us know:

  • Make and Model of Android Device
  • Android Version
  • Service Provider
  • Phone software number (From home screen tap Menu-Settings-About-Software Information)
  • If using the HTC One_M8; Please read/follow this post: [HTC M8 on T-Mobile] [HELP] Information request



UPDATE (13/02/15):

Reports are that the latest software update pushed to the T-Mobile HTC One_M8 (containing Android 5.0.1 Lollipop) have fixed the issue and users can now stream sucessfully. If you have not already received the update please force a check by going to 'Settings - About - Software Update'.


After applying the update can you confirm if you are able to now stream using mobie data?


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Confirming that with an HTC One M8 on T-Mobile there is NO functional workaround for this bug. Adding a custom APN or resetting the APN to default only fixes the issue temporarily. I remain amazed that a product this well-adopted is completely nonfunctional on a flagship Android phone on one of the three major US carriers. Utterly unacceptable.

I have an HTC one m8. This issue only started a month or two ago. It is thoroughly frustrating not being able to use a service I pay $10 / month for. Please tell me there is a fix on the way...

I am also having this issue on a T-Mobile HTC One M8


Android Version 4.4.4, HTC Sense Version 6.0, Software Number 3.32.531.2


Spotify Version


Turning the mobile signal off and back on in the Settings provides a temporary fix for me that will sometimes last a whole 40 minute car ride and other times only last through 2 songs before I have to turn the signal off and on again


Thank you for looking into this!


I am dealing with the same issue on a T-Mobile HTC One M8 as well. It has been going on for a few weeks and I've been naively hopeful that Spotify would resolve the issue for PAYING customers. I finally had time to look into it today, hoping there would be a convenient fix. Alas, there is not. 


I can connect to everything on wi-fi, but on LTE I get "No Internet Connection Available" while everything else on my phone can connect. Unless this can be resolved in a timely manner, I would like to have my subscription cancelled. There is no sense paying for this when I can't use it unless I'm at home or my work computer!!!


Android Version 4.4.4, HTC Sense Version 6.0, Software Number 3.32.531.2


Spotify Version


I am also having this issue on a T-Mobile HTC One M8


Android Version 4.4.4, HTC Sense Version 6.0, Software Number 3.32.531.2


Spotify Version


I can stream music on WiFi, but "No Internet Connection" when on the network.


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Yay I'm glad I'm not the only one. And just to confirm it's set for IPv4 ONLY and still does this. The work arounds i was given only broke my data and MMS and I think it's silly to go through all this trouble for one app. I've just saved everything offline until this is fixed.
Htc one m8 Tmobile Spotify premium Complete BS, cancelling subscription if there is no fix
Another dissatisfied customer here. I've noticed this issue intermittently recently but as of yesterday it has become completely unworkable. Will only connect over wifi. As with others, messing with the APN is only a temporary fix. Absolutely insane that this incredibly popular service simply does not work on a flagship device on a major carrier. This needs to be fixed. In the meantime I will be contacting Spotify to ask for a refund on my premium subscription since its main purpose is entirely useless now. HTC ONE M8 Android version 4.4.4 Spotify version
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And they have the nerve to limit how many songs we can save offline! If I didn't have everything saved I'd be far more dissatisfied!