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(Samsung Galaxy S10)

Operating System

(Android 10)


My Question or Issue

Ok so my app shows a series of glitches, I have tried to reinstall the app, delete data, delete cache, and after a while it still happens. The issues are as following: 


  1. App shows wrong song playing
  2. Progress bar doesn't move or the time elapsed/remaining. 
  3. When you leave the app UI and change to another app, after a while the audio stops playing and it resumes when opening it again, but still not showing the correct info. 
  4. No widget on the notification bar, but audio still playing. 
  5. Audio still playing even when closing the app from the square button on Android. It has to be force closed. 

As I said, I have tried from deleting cache and data from the app, from Android app manager. I have tried uninstalling and re installing and still the same. 


Please help me, I have been a subscriber for many years and I don't wanna change my streaming platform but it is too stressful as I use the app a lot of time daily. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


Since the original issue has since been resolved, we're closing this as fixed. Make sure you're running the latest app version and everything should work fine now.


As for the other issues regarding the Galaxy watch we suggest you head over to this thread where we are currently gathering the relevant details to pass on to our developers.


If you're experiencing a different issue you can start a new topic in the relevant help board since the root cause of this has been fixed and we are now looking at different issues.




A reply from Spotify would be polite. Why are we paying premium when the app doesn't work properly.


They replied. Update fixes the issue.

My spotify has not had issues recently. Thanks!




Duo Premium


Samsung Galaxy S10e (Exynos)

Operating System

Android 10, latest update from Samsung


Still having this issue, the latest occurence just this morning, and there's no newer app update available for me as of yet. The latest one I have is, updated on October 6th.


It´s been working fine for the last 12 hours...

Gig Goer

I still have the issues. also with

Casual Listener

Did the update, everything was good until today when it started happening again. Ima just go ahead and get Youtube Red, Im not paying for an app that doesnt work.


I'm ready to give up but can't unsubscribe as I'm paying for family premium and the other members are apple users and aren't having any problems.  I've repeatedly cleared cache, etc, and reinstalled as per the advice given but still happens. Very annoying. When will it be fixed. Does anyone from Spotify even read these threads or are we just complaining among ourselves?


I have the latest update and still experience the issue on my Samsung Note 10+