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(Samsung Galaxy S10)

Operating System

(Android 10)


My Question or Issue

Ok so my app shows a series of glitches, I have tried to reinstall the app, delete data, delete cache, and after a while it still happens. The issues are as following: 


  1. App shows wrong song playing
  2. Progress bar doesn't move or the time elapsed/remaining. 
  3. When you leave the app UI and change to another app, after a while the audio stops playing and it resumes when opening it again, but still not showing the correct info. 
  4. No widget on the notification bar, but audio still playing. 
  5. Audio still playing even when closing the app from the square button on Android. It has to be force closed. 

As I said, I have tried from deleting cache and data from the app, from Android app manager. I have tried uninstalling and re installing and still the same. 


Please help me, I have been a subscriber for many years and I don't wanna change my streaming platform but it is too stressful as I use the app a lot of time daily. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


Since the original issue has since been resolved, we're closing this as fixed. Make sure you're running the latest app version and everything should work fine now.


As for the other issues regarding the Galaxy watch we suggest you head over to this thread where we are currently gathering the relevant details to pass on to our developers.


If you're experiencing a different issue you can start a new topic in the relevant help board since the root cause of this has been fixed and we are now looking at different issues.




Update:  I tried making my computer the primary player for a second and then switching it back to my phone.  That seems to have fixed the problem for now.


I also have this issue 


Galaxy Nord 

Oxygen OS 10.5.8.AC01BA

Spotify Premium version


Seems like the problem persist with and without bluetooth device connected. I am also using a PC client on Windows 10, on 2 separate PCs. Also when I am playing music and disconnect headphones (BT) it continues playing from the phone speaker.




Premium family




S20 ultra


Android 10



This has been happening for nearly a month now.  How can you justify taking 14.99 a month for this service when it is nearly unusable. I have tried all the suggestions multiple times and still the same issues persist.


Display not updating

Nothing in notifications showing the app is playing

Can't load library or albums on the strongest WiFi or 4g/5g

Please sort it out. There are plenty of other Streaming services out there that work great, I have tried them all,  like spotify used to do. 

With all your resources I would expect this issue to be resolved by now. 




Been having the same issue for months (Previously on a Galaxy Note 9)

Device :Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Spotify Version:
This happens on bluetooth, phone speaker and earphone plug-in


I've got more details to add to this enormous thread. I've been using Spotify for about 9 years now. I'm a software engineer, and I've reversed engineered a few things and come to a few conclusions:


  1. Spotify Connect is the issue - it's created a great many assumptions in the ecosystem which create lots of unfired callbacks who care about specific things happening in the lifecycle
  2. Spotify continues to have issues with peripherals - things like smart watches and other IoT apps do not get updated as quickly as the main app / website, which cause headaches for the main apps on phones because they don't get the message correctly from some outdated app.

I highly suggest you hire me. I will help your testing team build out the most amazing test harness you've ever seen. It's time to make unit and integration testing great again!



Using Spotify with a Galaxy S10e. A song will get stuck on the screen even though a different song is playing in the background. This happens with or without bluetooth. If I exit out and go back it will clear but annoying enough that I just paid for Spotify in last few weeks and this is reason enough to discontinue.


Plan: Premium 

Country: New Zealand 

Device: Galaxy S20 ultra 

OS: Android 10

Spotify version: 


Spotify is not showing now playing at all, no music controls and no player showing on Android and notification panel. 


One Spotify notification showing Spotify is trying to play... and music is already playing. 


Plan: Family

Country: United States 

Device: Galaxy Note 10+

OS: Android 10

Spotify version:

"Currently playing" screen shows old song, not updated to current. New songs will sometimes play over top of this, sometimes not. When they do the controls on the Playing screen seem to work. Happening on the bare phone, Google Pixel Buds, Remote playing, and Android Auto. Reinstalled app, cleared cache and data, rebooted phone. No "Spotify Playing" banner in the notification panel or lock screen. 


Same issue here been a couple of months now. On a Samsung note 20 ultra


Update to above, received app update to version Issue is still present.