[Android] Playback keeps pausing/skipping when screen is off on Android 11




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Google Pixel 4a

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Android 11


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Since updating to Android 11 yesterday, Spotify audio playback stutters horribly when the device display is locked. Restarts/reinstalls do not fix the issue.

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I encountered this issue as well, happens to other music app as well. Adding the apps to not optimized list in battery settings does not resolve it.
Casual Listener
Same issue here aswell
Casual Listener

I came up with a dumb hack to fix this while on Android 11 -- set up standby wallpaper while charging in system settings so that when you leave your phone plugged in (in the car) it shows a clock screensaver and thus the screen never fully turns off


Wasn't a real solution though so I downgraded to Android 10 using https://flash.android.com/ and you can jump directly to the last version of Android 10 using https://flash.android.com/build/6598198?target=sunfish-user&signed. The process will wipe your phone so back things up but this bug drove me so up the walls it was worth it.



since I got Android 11 on my Pixel 3a, Spotify tends to interrupt the streaming. As long as the screen is on, it works smoothly. If it is off, it goes on smoothly as long as the buffer is still full (I guess), but then the dropouts come quickly, sometimes several seconds long.


It's not the Internet connection, energy saving mode is not on as well. I installed Spotify again, that didn't help. The skipping is almost as bad when the smartphone is connected to power, but a bit better.


What could I do?


The problem does not exist when the pixel 3 is connected to my Bluetooth headphones. What can I do?


Same issue on pixel 4a with Android 11


This needs a quick fix. The major use case for my Spotify-Account is not working right now.


is it only spotify or other audio playback software?


if it's fine with bluetooth headphones it points to a device issue rather than a spotify issue


I just tried it with a different app in lockscreen and it does not skip.


Have you received any love with this issue? I'm having the same issues on my Pixel 3a. It has basically made listening to Spotify in useable.

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