[Android] Playback keeps pausing/skipping when screen is off on Android 11




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Google Pixel 4a

Operating System

Android 11


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Since updating to Android 11 yesterday, Spotify audio playback stutters horribly when the device display is locked. Restarts/reinstalls do not fix the issue.

Hey everyone,


We appreciate your reporting this and providing us with the relevant info.


Based on the reports we have received and the investigation conducted, it seems like this is affecting many other apps besides Spotify. 


From the information we were able to gather, since many other apps are not behaving as expected, this is most likely an issue outside of our control. We suggest to install new Android updates as soon as they become available for the newest fixes to your OS.


Please note, that this issue is specifically for Android 11 and has been investigated by our teams as such. For anyone experiencing similar symptoms on other OS versions, it's best to post in a separate thread so we can look into what's happening separately.


Thank you!


Same problem with my Pixel 3a! I thought that this could be fixed with the latest updates, but it's been already 6 months with this issue. Seriously thinking about changing my phone, this a really basic feature that MUST be fixed.


@escobarmatis - same phone and can confirm the latest update has solved it for me. Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update

I'm on security updaste 5th December 2020

Already updated but it hasn't solved in my case 😞

@escobarmatis - That's annoying. The only thing I did prior to this, which did fix it, but I've re-enabled it now is Google Assistant always listening. If you go to Google Assistant settings > Voice Match > disable 'Hey Google' and re-try? I've seen re-enabled it though and it's fine.

That's a good idea! I'll give it a try and let you know if it works. Thanks!
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Try this too if the Google Assistant shut-off doesn't do it. I posted this several pages ago, and between this and the dec 5 update, I *seem* to be okay for now.



1) Go into System -> Developer Options (google how to enable Dev options if needed)

2) Scroll about halfway down the list, you'll see a Bluetooth section

3) Turn the switch on for "Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload"

4) It'll prompt you to reboot.


The Google Assistant thing didn't work for me, sadly.


I am still having issues and only with Spotify.  I have used it on my Samsung S9 (Android 10) and it pauses randomly both with the screen on and off.  But it does not seem to be just an Android issue.  It also pauses on Alexa and on multiple Windows computers.  I have tried every solution I could find: software/system updates, toggling battery power usage, restarting everything, reinstalling apps, etc. 

The only solution that has temporarily worked is signing in online (not on app) and then signing out of everything.  When I log back in, it seems to work fine for the session or the rest of the day.  But at least every morning I have to go through the whole process again and sign out of everything and sign out again.  This is an unacceptable solution.  I have no issues with any other apps.  Only Spotify, across multiple devices.  Paid account.  C'mon man!!



I have still the issue, that spotify stops playing after screen locking (after exactly 3 seconds) this problem exists since i changed my email address for the spotify account. i tried everything the community suggested and it hasn't been solved yet. I don't know what to do anymore and this makes spotify useless. If there isn't any solution i fear i'll have to quit my premium family account (which i don't want to, but what's the point paying for something i can't use). I use a Huawei P10, did a clean reinstall, changed accu settings and data settings, tried the developer mode.....nothing helped. There is no system update available for android and/or spotify. Please help me


I finally found a solution that worked for me.  I think someone else had hacked my account and was trying to use it at the same  time.  I logged out of everything, changed my password and have not had the issue of pausing anymore.  I did actually have to change my password twice as it got hacked again.  This time I picked a super complicated password that I'll probably forget too but at least nobody else is using my account.  Previous to this I had tried all the other fixes with no affect.  Hope this helps someone.