[Android] Playback keeps pausing/skipping when screen is off on Android 11




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Google Pixel 4a

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Android 11


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Since updating to Android 11 yesterday, Spotify audio playback stutters horribly when the device display is locked. Restarts/reinstalls do not fix the issue.

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No, sadly not. No solution found, no answers given. It's highly annoying.

I have re started my phone multiple times. Re installed Spotify. Cleared Bluetooth cache. No luck.

Same here. Tried a lot, nothing worked.

Did the same, both reinstall and disabled battery optimization, worked for about half an hour and started again...

However, when playing on phone speaker (rather than bluetooth device) it appears to work fine...


Same issue here. Pixel 3a and only since the android 11 update


If you go to battery>battery usage> Spotify, then change battery optimization for Spotify from optimize to not optimized, that should prevent android from reducing Spotify's allocated resources when screen is off

Casual Listener

I've already tried that and it didn't fix the issue.


Tried it already, alongside with a clean reinstall As I said, it helped for about half an hour and problem resumed. However, as it seemed to me that it only happens when listening over bluetooth, I tried disabling battery optimization for bluetooth as well... Will post if it helps


Not for nothing but still I haven't gotten anywhere with this issue. Anyone else?

I have unpaired all my devices and rebooted my phone.

Re-paired all my bluetooth devices. 1 at a time.

The skipping issues remained.

I have turned off 'Bluetooth Scanning' same outcome - the skipping issues remains.


It is interesting to note that not all bluetooth speakers/headphones are treated equally. My bluetooth earbuds which I use for running do not experience any skipping.

My Bose35 headphones experience some skipping after 15 min of continuous play. Turning off and on bluetooth on my phone resets that count.

My little Wonderboom speaker is the worst offender. Once the phone is locked and the screen is off the skipping typically starts and more frequently than the other devices. Sometimes turning off and on bluetooth gives me some reprieve.


Basically tried the same stuff, nothing is working. Spotify doesn't react and Google doesn't as well. What is going on here? 😞 It's not like that is a minor bug.

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