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[Android][Playlists] Fast scrolling missing

For users like me, with playlists containing 1000+ songs, scrolling manually to get to the latest added song on Android will take a while. The removal of the fast scroll feature severly damaged the user experience.


That being said, it's now easier to accuratly press the options button songs. This is not an excuse to remove an important feature without any type of usability compensation. Either make a simple "scroll bar on/off" switch under settings or make it always appear if the playlist is longer than 600 songs. Another option is to move the options button further to the left and make the scroll bar visible at all times.



I totally agree. Browsing playlists without scroll bar is really irritating. Bring it back please.

Or just make the scroll bar only appear when you start scrolling. So you scroll a tiny bit, easy, and the scroll bar appears. Then you tap anywhere on the scroll bar. That way when you want to tap the options button for a song, the scroll bar isn't in the way, because you haven't scrolled recently.

Agree, it's horrible to scroll down a Playlist at the moment!
This could be a deal breaker for me, I always use the scroll.
At least make it as an option in the settings?!
Can't understand why spotify took this function away...
Agreed. I used hours trying to figure out why my fast scroll wouldnt work. Didnt see the possibility of an update.
Many spotify users have playlists of thousand(s) songs. This is very frustating for the..
Bring it back please.
I agree 100%! This is one of the most frustrating things ever, considering all of my playlists that I use frequently have over 1000 songs and scrolling manually takes way too long. Please bring the fast scroll back!
I agree, I hate scrolling down my huge list of songs now. Please being the function back!
Agree I have so much music on my playlist like 700+ the scrolling takes forever!!!!!

I agree too! I have fue playlist wiht ower 1000 songs and it's pain in the ass to go to the bottom. It is annoying to go to bottom eavn with 50 song playlist. The options button for songs are easyer to press, but it was enough to just press the song for fue seconds to get the options screen.

We wan't sroll feature back!

My playlist has over 2500 songs and scrolling to the bottom fills me with rage every time. Please bring it back. I am a loyal and paying customer and now using spotify just makes me angry.

I can't fathom why they would remove that feature. At least make it an option.