[Android] Quick tile for offline mode not working

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Sony Xperia Z2 Compact

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

My Spotify has recently updated and my offline online toggle in the notification area of my phone no longer works. It will turn itself back online if I open spotify or just even reopen my notification area.


This used to work fine, I could have my Spotify constantly in offline mode and then if I wanted to switch online just swipe to my notification area and turn it back on or vice versa.


Screenshot attached of the notification tile I am referring to


Device Pixel 3 

OS Android 9

Spotify Version

The Toggle is gone 

reinstallt Spotify a few times dosen't work 

...pls I want it back, it was very usefull




- Oneplus 5 with Android 9.0

- Spotify version

- There is no quick button even after reinstall.

Hope you fix it soon, it's a really useful feature.

Thank you for your support @Peter 



Device- Samsung Galaxy S8

Android Version 9.0

With latest version of spotify

Offline toggle button has dissapeared with the new update 


Pixel 2

Android 9


Quick tile has disappeared completely. Everything worked fine,  updated the app and button disappeared. 


Please advise, this is breaking Spotify for me and if it continues to use data like it is I will have to end my premium sub


I have same issue, I first thought could be an app issue, so I deleted date, cache and then uninstalled the app. Redownloaded the app and the issue still persists after downloading almost 11GB of music which is really annoying.


My device is a Note 8 with OS 9 Samsung UI 1.0 and the app version is I am in Nicaragua, Central America.


[Update] I installed an older version of this app from an .APK file I had as back up and I got the Offline Toogle back, it seems there's an issue with the actual version u guys have.


Please solve this ASAP.




Douglas H.


Looping @Peter




Device: Galaxy S10+

OS: Android 9

Spotify: Version

Issue Description:

Starting a couple weeks ago the toggle stopped affecting the actual on/offline behavior. Then for the past few days I was unable to even toggle the tile (stuck on "offline" even though the in-app switch was set to "online"). A week ago, the quick setting tile dissapeared completely. Reinstalled the app and the tile was still missing. This was a really useful feature for me. Please don't take it away. 


Deleted data and cache and reinstalled the app, yet the offline quick tile is still completely missing.

Device: mate 10 pro

Android version: (EMUI 9)

Spotify version:



Hi already tried to uninstall and install again but still the button of offline mode still not showing




My Spotify updated and I now no longer have the toggle tile at all... 

Sony Xperia compact Z2

Android version 9

Spotify version


Same problem. Bring back the offline toggle!!!

Device- galaxy S8

OS - android 9