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[Android] Quick tile for offline mode not working

Status: Won't Fix







Sony Xperia Z2 Compact

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

My Spotify has recently updated and my offline online toggle in the notification area of my phone no longer works. It will turn itself back online if I open spotify or just even reopen my notification area.


This used to work fine, I could have my Spotify constantly in offline mode and then if I wanted to switch online just swipe to my notification area and turn it back on or vice versa.


Screenshot attached of the notification tile I am referring to

I'm sorry but that's just**bleep**.

That is BS. So you guys are simply telling us that the feature most people used will be removed and will NOT be fixed? What a joke, this sucks.


Things like this make people think about switching to a better streaming service as you all are F*ing this platform.

Can you provide the name of a device where it doesn't work? As far as I can
tell, it works across all devices until you guys break it with an update.
In this issue thread and other ones, there's a plethora of devices where it
worked just fine, including Pixels (which are 100% pure Android devices
made by Google).

I see no reason why it continues to work just fine in dozens of dozens of
re-installed older versions, yet you guys can't manage to keep it going
across newer versions? That's a cop out.

More to that point, the link to how to download music is not helpful. We've
all downloaded the music (otherwise offline mode would be pointless), but
that doesn't stop it from eating data. It takes three steps to turn on and
to turn off offline mode, and it's absolutely ridiculous that the toggle is
being taken away and not replaced.

Color me pi ssed.


And hello Pandora.....


Don't use Twitter hardly at all, but just tweeted Spotify about the
problem. In my experience, pleas for help on social media works pretty
well. Anybody with more than my 0 followers, feel free to do the same!

Hello @Katerina 

I have to admit like everyone else has said this is very disappointing and seems a bit of a cop out to be honest. 

I haven't found one person yet on an Android device that still had this feature available which leads me to believe it has been removed completely....

Considering the amount of users with Android devices and you can see the clear demand for it, I would think it would be in your best interest to try and resolve it. 

Obviously if you are saying it is not possible there is not much more we can do about that but hopefully you guys will see how much people want this feature back.




Bye Spotify, Hi Pandora. Here's a perfect example of a great application getting broken by an update.


Thank you Spotify Haha, thank you for messing up on this app.


This is seriously f#cked. The offline button in the app is blank when my girlfriend is using our account. And since the button in the dropdown menu in Android is gone, there is no option to switch Spotify to offline to listen on it on my device whilst my girlfriend is streaming.