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[Android] Quick tile for offline mode not working

Status: Won't Fix







Sony Xperia Z2 Compact

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

My Spotify has recently updated and my offline online toggle in the notification area of my phone no longer works. It will turn itself back online if I open spotify or just even reopen my notification area.


This used to work fine, I could have my Spotify constantly in offline mode and then if I wanted to switch online just swipe to my notification area and turn it back on or vice versa.


Screenshot attached of the notification tile I am referring to


Device: Samsung Galaxy S10e running on Android Pie

Spotify version:


My issue is worse; after the latest spotify update, the quick tile disappeared completely. I no longer have the option of adding/removing the quick tile.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there everyone, 


We really appreciate all your reports regarding the Offline Mode button missing or not working correctly in your Android device's status bar.


We've passed them on to our tech teams and they'll look into this.


If you're experiencing this even after reinstalling, make sure to add your +VOTE here.


We'll let you know as soon as we have any updates to pass on 🙂



THX all!

The last update disappeared, not only with the problem, but with the whole toggle. Now, after months of enjoying this facility, all is gone. =(


Android Version: 8.1.O11019




I have the same issue. Offline/Online toggle dissapaered after update. 

Device is Galaxy note 9 

Android 9.0

spotify version is

  • Device: Pixel 3
  • OS: Android Q Beta (was previously working with the beta for weeks)
  • Spotify: Version
  • Issue Description:
    • Starting a couple weeks ago the toggle stopped affecting the actual on/offline behavior. Then for the past few days I was unable to even toggle the tile (stuck on "offline" even though the in-app switch was set to "online"). Finally a couple days ago the quick setting tile dissapeared completely. Reinstalled the app and the tile was still missing.

Same here:

S6 Edge. Android 7.0


Same here.

Device : Samsung galaxy A9(2018) & Samsung galaxy note 9

OS : android version 9, one UI version 1.0 (A9) 

         Android version 8.0.0(note 9)

Spotify version : & note9) 

Issue : the offline toggle that is present in the notification centre for both phones has disappeared a week ago. I have tried re downloading the app even restarting the phone and then redownloading the app. It still has not appeared. Please fix this issue as the offline toggle was very useful to me. 




Samsung s10e

Same problem, but with a twist.

I set my Spotify offline manually, then turned my phone off to take a test. Upon restart, Spotify suddenly prompted a login. It won't let me login because "Spotify has been set to offline", yet I can't log in to access that control without this button. The workaround posted a couple years back does not work, and even trying to reset my password comes up with "this link is expired" less than a minute after the email has been sent. Please fix the button immediately, it is a godsend when you only have 2gb data a month.




Device: Samsung Note 9

OS Version: Android Version 9

Spotify Version:

Description: The Offline Toggle in the notification menu are is no longer an option for quick offline access to Spotify. Attached is my current menu, with out the toggle. As others have shared, the toggle has the Spotify logo and says Offline Mode when selected. 

Troubleshooting: Uninstalled Spotify, restarted phone, and reinstalled Spotify, restarted phone. Issue persist, toggle is missing from menu.


@Peter @Katerina 

Menu Page 1Menu Page 1


Menu Page 2Menu Page 2



Hey there @Nelltron@Jkf962@wolfman3d@jacob_wasabi, @12170426495 and @arq_agm,


Thanks for adding these details. 


We've passed them on to our tech teams 🙂


@arq_agm It looks like you're using an older version of the app. We'd recommend updating your app by performing a quick reinstall with these steps. If the issue perists after updating to the latest version, let us know, along with the exact version you end up with. 


We'll let you know as soon as we have any updates.


Have a lovely day!