[Android] Quick tile for offline mode not working

Status: Won't Fix







Sony Xperia Z2 Compact

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

My Spotify has recently updated and my offline online toggle in the notification area of my phone no longer works. It will turn itself back online if I open spotify or just even reopen my notification area.


This used to work fine, I could have my Spotify constantly in offline mode and then if I wanted to switch online just swipe to my notification area and turn it back on or vice versa.


Screenshot attached of the notification tile I am referring to


The tile does not appear at all on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. 

Spotify version

Android version: 9


Hi, my device is Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android 9.0, One UI version 1.1)

Spotify Version 

The quick toggle for the offline mode completely disappeard from my quick access bar.



All the staff ever tell us to do is reinstall their shitty app. Just get Pandora, **bleep** doesn't work on Andriod...


I'm having the same issue. Shortcut icon to offline has disappeared, and it was a really nice and useful feature. We want it back!

Device: Xiaomi miA1

OS version: Andorid Pie 9


Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+ 

Spotify Version

Quick tile disappeared


Clean reinstall did not make a difference...



Am running android v9. 0 on a Samsung galaxy s8.


My quick tile for offline mode disappeared entirely a few weeks ago.. 

Tonight have done a clean reinstall of Spotify 

- removed device from Spotify devices on Spotify website then on my phone

- cleared Spotify cache then

- cleared Spotify data then

- uninstalled app then

- manually deleted Spotify folder still left on storage card then

- turned phone off for few min then

- reinstalled Spotify (v 


I still don't have the quick tile for offline mode... Am really disappointed as this is the main feature I use in Spotify premium and not being able to easily turn it on or off is really frustrating.. 






For me, the entire tile disappeared :(. Very unfortunate, because I use it daily because I travel a lot.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, Android version 8.0.0. Version of Spotify, but it already happened with the previous version. Re-installing didn't work. 


Still no fix, not that I'm surprised. If it helps anyone, I've been using version and it's been working without a hiccup. Still upset that I had to do that again after the last few offline mode breaks, but it is what it is. Make sure to uncheck auto updates in the play store or you'll have to reinstall again after the next update and redownload any offline music. 


It has been a while now.... Spotify any update???


Device is Samsung Galaxy J7

Android 8.1.0

Spotify Version

The Button is missing

(The Spotify Widget is also missing!!)