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[Android] Report Explicit Content giving error "Could not report, please try again."

Since I signed up, I have added several songs that I like, but when I go to that playlist radio (to try to find more "like" songs that I can add to my playlists) almost all of them contain explicit lyrics, but they aren't tagged as explicit. When I try to report them, I get the error "Couldn't report, please try again". I also have Allow Explicit Content disabled in my user profile. I have used Pandora and Google Music and haven't had this issue, but with Spotify Premium, almost all playlist radio songs have a lot of profanity. It is tough to trust as I like to play music around my children. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone,


We appreciate you reaching out and voicing your concerns about this here.


We can confirm that the option to report explicit content from within the app has been removed. If this is something you would like to see make a return in the future, we'd recommend adding your votes and comments to this idea. We’ll be monitoring it to pass the feedback on to the right teams and keep you posted there, as soon as we have something to share.


In order to keep all feedback in one single place, we'll be closing this thread for new replies.


Hey @tdough thanks for reaching out to the community


Rest assured, Spotify’s internal review process on ‘offensive content’ constantly seeks to remove illegal/offensive content. If your having trouble reporting it try a different device or consider using a different account to report it.

Spotify has some info about this here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



Jack 🙂


Thanks for the reply. I understand that Spotify has an internal review process, but why won't the app allow me to report a song?

Also, since I am playing music from playlist radio from my cellphone, it won't be plausible to write down 90% of the songs while exercising, on the road, etc., then go home, log into a computer and report them from the web player or program.

I will try to uninstall the android app, then reinstall it, but I have tried that already and I still get the error when trying to report a song.

I'm having the exact same problem... I've exposed my kids to words they don't need to hear by playing Spotify in the car. I'm very close to cancelling my subscription.

I'm having the same problem, is anything being done to resolve this issue?


Having the same issue; I get an error message when I report explicit content on my mobile app, and the desktop app doesn't seem to have this option at all. Having a broken function since May seems problematic. Spotify support, what's the deal? 




I can't report any explicit content either, it is really scary to play any music from Spotify with people in my car, in fear that there will be a swear word that will come out the song. You can't very well vet all the music you listen to.  that is what the explicit content setting is for. Spotify Please fix this!!


Support, I received a response in October saying that this issue was fixed and would load in the app within a couple of weeks. There is still no option on desktop to report explicit content, and the reporting option on mobile just gives an error message. I reported this again in November and was sent the boilerplate "Here's how to report explicit content" email. Any word on when this will actually be fixed? 


there's a setting that disables playback of explicit content in settings.


Unfortunately, that setting, which I have turned on, doesn't actually filter out music with explicit lyrics. I still hear profanity in nearly every other song. Then, Spotify doesn't actually let you report it.


Jack, not sure if you're a Spotify employee or not.


Spotify should be ashamed of how poorly explicit content and issues like this have been handled.


I just signed up for a family account, and I am unable to report ANY song.  What's the point of having an explicit filter if A) you aren't using AI and registered lyric databases already out there to tag properly and B) if the crowd-sourcing option is completely broken.


I too will likely cancel my family subscription if this issue isn't resolved as promised.


Maybe Spotify will start caring, this isn't a difficult bug to quash.


FWIW, I'm on Android with a Pixel 3 XL, latest updates.