[Android] Report Explicit Content giving error "Could not report, please try again."

Since I signed up, I have added several songs that I like, but when I go to that playlist radio (to try to find more "like" songs that I can add to my playlists) almost all of them contain explicit lyrics, but they aren't tagged as explicit. When I try to report them, I get the error "Couldn't report, please try again". I also have Allow Explicit Content disabled in my user profile. I have used Pandora and Google Music and haven't had this issue, but with Spotify Premium, almost all playlist radio songs have a lot of profanity. It is tough to trust as I like to play music around my children. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone,


We appreciate you reaching out and voicing your concerns about this here.


We can confirm that the option to report explicit content from within the app has been removed. If this is something you would like to see make a return in the future, we'd recommend adding your votes and comments to this idea. We’ll be monitoring it to pass the feedback on to the right teams and keep you posted there, as soon as we have something to share.


In order to keep all feedback in one single place, we'll be closing this thread for new replies.


The issue is, as you say:


Note: Our explicit content tags are applied based on information we receive from rights-holders. We can’t guarantee all explicit content is marked as such. 


So, Ava Max's new song 'On Somebody' opens with "Heartbreak is a mother****er".


Your explicit content filters fail completely.


You need to either sort this or just remove the function; at the moment it is a chocolate fireguard.


My Family Premium subscription will be cancelled if this isn't sorted.


Been having the same problem as well. I do not show explicit content when my kids are in the vehicle and yet I keep hearing songs which contain explicit content! Worst of all, the report explicit content option does not work!!


I am also having this issue with my premium FAMILY account.  One of my children pulled up a wonderful (explicit) song for me on their device which has explicit content blocked.  I tried to report it as explicit and got the same error as everyone else "could not report, try again later".  I don't see a reason to keep paying for a service that allows my children to listen to "blocked" content. 


nando, your response is as useful as a chocolate teapot


Yep, same problem here. Have a premium account, using on an Android Moto X4, so a relatively new & regularly updated phone, and I haven't been able to report a song the whole time I've used the app (2018-2020). I've stopped listening to the radio because of that, which means I have to make playlists whenever I want to listen to a certain genre or band and have to handpick all the songs I put in it. Plus it means I have to read the lyrics to every single song I come across and I would love to have this fixed. Or to have Spotify look into it at very least, since it seems like this thread is being ignored big time. This isn't a back burner problem, Spotify!

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I came across this song which contains F* words but not labelled as explicit:


Clicking the report button on Android, shows the error:
"Could not report, please try again"


Here we are a year later and this issue is unresolved!


I really love my Family Plan, but Spotify can you please help to do something about users being able to report explicit content.  Allowing the users the ability to report so a song can be reviewed and tagged explicit would be much appreciated as this continues to be a problem today. 


It's not currently possible to report a song for review on desktop and on mobile it still gives the error "Could not report. Please try again,".  I'm trying to report from a Galaxy S10 with the latest version of the app.  Please help to see what you can do asap to resolve this issue that's been ongoing for way too long now.  Thanks!

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I still cannot find anywhere on the desktop app to report.


Had to load up app on phone to report, this seems to work now as it gave no error. It seems to allow reporting now so hopefully they will start to be blocked but desktop reporting needs to be added still.

Spotify should be ashamed with their half baked attempt to keep this implementation functioning.

I’m a premium member with kids on my plan and it’s sad that Spotify reluctantly keeps this going.