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[Android] Scroll bar not working in Liked Songs

Hi everyone!

We've been receiving reports from you in the Community that the right hand-side scroll bar in Liked Songs is unclickable in the latest version of Spotify on Android.


You can scroll through the Liked Songs by swiping up/down, but the scroll bar which appears cannot be selected.


This can occur not only in bigger Liked Songs lists, but in those with only a few hundred songs as well.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.







United States


Samsung Galaxy S10+

Operating System

Android 11


My Question or Issue

In the most recent version (, the scroll bar on my liked songs playlist doesn't work correctly compared to before, especially in regards to holding it down for alphabet scrolling.  In the video, it looks and behaves different compared to what it should be on a different account with less songs added to their Liked Songs playlist.  I've had no issues with this many songs until the recent update.


Hi @kykevin,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


We've tested this from our side and the alphabetical scrolling worked properly using the same app version.


In this case, could you please follow these steps to perform a clean reinstall of the app? 


If it doesn't do the trick, try disabling your phone's WIFI, toggle on the app's Offline Mode and check if the same happens.


Let us know how this goes.


In the latest Android update (last week or so?) the ability to fast-scroll through a long playlist by dragging on the scroll bar on the far side of the screen seems to be gone. So in my 3000-song playlist of Liked Songs, the only way to get to the bottom is to scroll manually through every song by dragging down on the screen a million times in a row. There DEFINITELY used to be the ability to fast-scroll using the scroll bar on the side (I feel like the letters of the alphabet even popped up as you fast scrolled so you knew where you would end up when you released, though I can't remember this part for sure). Can this be reimplemented?


hi, @MafeG

im experincing the same problem and i tryed the clean reinstall and the problem is still there. do you have a diffrent approch to this problem ?


Hey @Kamile3,


Thanks for the post.


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue as well.


Can you let us know if you've tried to toggle on Offline Mode, like @MafeG has asked in her previous post. Toggling on Offline Mode makes the app run faster on some phones, as it's not trying to constantly sync with the servers.


If that doesn't make a difference let us know if you see this app behavior only in your Liked Songs or in other playlists with more than a few thousand songs.


It would also be helpful if you share your device Model, OS version and Spotify app version.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.



Seconding this.  We used to have alphabet scroll and now its gone.  


If we have thousand songs at our playlist. We need a control to fast moving up or down the list. 


If the old scroll button was annoying for some user. I suggest the control function could be inactivated. The control function could activated by pressing something / long pressing at the scroll bar. 


I hope many of user support this idea. Thank you guys.  


As the subject says, the scroller cannot be interacted with on android mobile (maybe others too), specifically in the liked songs. I've asked around and it seems others are having the issue too. This makes scrolling very tedious as you must use your finger now. This needs to be fixed.



I agree. My library overview does have a good scroll bar where I can navigate fast to the end. I really want that in my playlists, where I need it more. I'm just scrolling a long time and it glitches until I'm at the end.