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[Android] Scroll bar not working in Liked Songs

Hi everyone!

We've been receiving reports from you in the Community that the right hand-side scroll bar in Liked Songs is unclickable in the latest version of Spotify on Android.


You can scroll through the Liked Songs by swiping up/down, but the scroll bar which appears cannot be selected.


This can occur not only in bigger Liked Songs lists, but in those with only a few hundred songs as well.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




I have the same issue



Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G



Android 12

One UI 4.0


Spotify Version


As another user pointed out, if you scroll down a little bit, then back up to the top, you can see the scroll bar at the very top of the screen, even under the Android System Status bar.  It is grabbable at that point, but once you release it you are unable to grab it again.





Hello, I'm still having this issue and I have many thousands songs saved. I am a paying customer and its really annoying to scroll through thousands of songs just to remember what songs I have saved. 


Have there been any updates on this issue? 


Unfortunately, it seems as if there has been no traction on this issue at all.  It has been an incredibly frustrating issue for me, so I have figured out the last version of Spotify in which the scrollbar worked as expected.  That version is "".  I was able to acquire this via the site Softpedia.  I can't verify the integrity of the APK file, so download at your own risk, but it seems to be legitimate to me.  If anybody else decides to go this route, make sure you uninstall the current version first, as it will not allow you to install an older version over the current version.  Note that this means that you will have to re-download any locally saved songs again.  After you install the working version, make sure to find the Spotify app in the Play store, select the three dots in the top right, and uncheck "Enable auto update" to prevent it from updating to a broken version automatically again.


device + OS version: Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Android version 12

exact Spotify version:

a screenshot or a video of your Liked Songs list: not doing this, but I promise the scroll bar doesn't work. I even tried my pen in case the bar was just too small.


@Tstock225gona try your fix tomorrow. as you said, apparently no one at spotify gives a rats ass about this (even though we are all paying costumers)


screw you guys at spotify. If the app gets any shittier then i might just have to change the platform


das gestrige Update brachte keine Lösung.
wie schon andere User geschrieben haben.....
in anderen Listen gibt es den Scrollbalken und er funktioniert.

bei den LIEBLINGSSONGS funktioniert der Scrollbalken nicht.
es erscheint an der gleichen Position ein grauer Balken, der mit der Liste immer länger wird, aber es ist kein Scrollbalken.
Es ist in den Lieblingssongs nur ein länger werdender grauer Strich.

Huawei P40
EMUI 12.0.0.


I am having the same issue! I've tried the clean re-install and I have tried the offline mode. Nothing is working! I have a Samsung galaxy s21 and I am using version I need this feature back please !!


First you take away the alphabetical scroll from the Liked Songs, now this issue.  It's too much of a pain to scroll through my playlist of 800 song, my heart goes out to those who are in the thousands.


device + OS version

Android S20+, Android version 12


Exact Spotify version


A screenshot or a video of your Liked Songs list

Screen recording:


I'm having the same aggravating issue as well. Though there is a scroll sidebar, I am unable to touch access it in my Liked Songs Playlist.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra



Android 12

One UI 4.0


Spotify Version

I have provided a screenshot.



Any update on this? It has been a month and it's still an issue. This is a huge inconvenience and it's unreasonable to expect us to manually scroll through thousands of songs just to play the music that we want. @Vasil