[Android] Sharing to Instagram Stories doesn't work






Samsung Note 10+

Operating System

Android 9, One UI 1.5


My Question or Issue

I didn't have any issues with sharing songs to Instagram story untill today, when I press share to story it seems like instagram opens up for awhile and disappears. If I press again I get a popup from my phone saying Instagram keeps stopping. 

I've tried reinstalling Instagram, still having same issue.

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Status changed to: Fixed

Hey... I can't share what I listening on Spotify to my Insta story... I just realized it now. Before I didn't have this problem. The 'Share to My Instagram Story' isn't in a choice.

Anyone can help me with this?


Thank you

I still have the same problem, I have updated all the apps and even connect
the instagram account with facebook and spotify. But, I still don't have a
choice to share my song on Spotify to Instagram story

Hola chicos, estuve verificando en la app y me di cuenta que este problema solo ocurre cuando tienes la opción de "Modo Offline" cuando decidí apagar esta opción nuevamente me permitió compartir en instagram. No sé si será lo mismo con sus cuentas pero fue lo que a mí me funcionó. 🙂


Hey I've wiped the cache, reinstalled both Spotify and Instagram to no avail. Have never seen the option to share to Instagram story, which kinda sucks because I've paid for Spotify for quite a while now. 

Android version: 10

Spotify version:

Instagram version:


Honor 9 Lite India

Can't find the Instagram Stories option still.  Uninstalled and reinstalled both the apps and it's still not there. 😩😩

  • Still can't find option share to instagram stories :// I reinstaled both apps and nothing changes
  • Spotify version:
  • Instagram version:
  • Device: Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Android Version: 9

I also can't share song to instagram story. It was fine until at about 3 days ago where i can't find the "share to story" button. I have updated the app, even i've already re-install the app, but still no difference. Thank you.


I have the same problem, I can't share my song in instagram stories since this month. Please help me.