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[Android] Shuffle is disabled when selecting another track

Finland / Premium / Huawei Honor 7 / Android

After some of the most recent updates, my playlist selectively won't stay on shuffle. When I choose a song to play, turn on shuffle and leave it at that, the shuffle stays on. However, when I choose a new song manually, the shuffle deactivates and needs to be reactivated manually. Happens every single time. So **bleep** frustrating. Why is it so hard for you people to make a working app without always breaking something old when implementing something new?? ffs.




The tech team have confirmed a fix for this is in the latest version of Spotify.


If you're still having trouble, we'd recommend a quick reinstall


Thanks for bearing with us! 


Hey @Fazikkuu, welcome to the Spotify Community!

Could you let us know what device, operating system, and Spotify version you're using? Best thing to try here is a reinstall. Just follow the steps at

Let us know how it goes 🙂




I am experiencing the same issue.  I had a Galaxy S7 that would keep my shuffle/repeat settings and I just recently upgraded to a S9 Android version 8.0.0. I am using Spotify version armV7.


I will select a song in a playlist and it won't have shuffle/repeat selected.  I then select shuffle/repeat and as soon as I manually select another song in the playlist, the settings reset to no shuffle/repeat.  I have performed a clean installation suggested in your article and I am still seeing the issue. 



Same problem, whenever I change the song manually the shuffle and loop turns off. If I skip a song, shuffle and loop stays on, so it's only when I change the song manually.


Despite not knowing the user that started  the topic, I apologise for their rude behaviour. It's sad to see how people demand so much when they don't understand that no matter what there will always be bugs in the code, and that it takes time to fix.


Anyways here is my phone specs:

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Model: SM-G935W8

Android version: 7.0

Spotify version:


Do not apologize for my words, I don't need that and they don't either. I work in the business and I know that if your app isn't composed entirely of spaghetti code, it is NOT hard to keep it bug free. Eugh.

Device, AS MENTIONED BEFORE: Huawei Honor 7
OS: Android 6.0
Spotify version:


I've had the same exact problem, it is extrmely frustrating and makes me wonder if Spotify is worth it. I have a Oneplus 3T.


Seeing a similar issue on my phone as well. Opening the shortcut on my home screen to a playlist now resets/disables the Shuffle and Repeat buttons. Opening the main app instead of the playlist does not reproduce this behavior.



Device: Google Pixel

OS: 8.1.0 May 5th update

Spotify version armV7


Same issue.  Shuffle turns off everytime I select a new track it's maddening.

Is a reinstall really a solution to this?


Android 8.1

Pixel XL



I tried reinstalling, but the phone is NOT the issue here, the problem with shuffle is because of the update


I am having the exact same issue.


I have tried re-installing 3 times now and it has not fixed anything.


I have a Samsung S9. 

Status changed to: Under investigation