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When listening to music in either on- or offline mode, Spotify will stop playing after 1-2 songs.


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Hey folks, this should be fixed for you all. If you're having any further trouble with your Andoid please post in the Help boards. Thanks!

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This is definitely a widespread issue. I've seen threads on 4-5 forum sites dating back to mid-2012 .


For me, one of two things happens nearly every time I'm using the Spotify app on my Galaxy S3 to play through my car. (Note that I did this with the same car, same Bluetooth setup, only an iPhone 4, and it worked fine.)

  1. Song stops playing. I have to wake my phone up for it to continue.
  2. (Probably related to the bug that causes #1) After 1 or 2 songs on, say, a 100-song playlist, the app switches to ONLY playing the songs on that playlist that I've downloaded to my phone (even though there is ample 4G signal). If I haven't downloaded any of the songs on that playlist to my phone, well, then it stops playing period.

One of the causes is definitely my phone's screen turning off. But there has to be a way around that. If I'm driving for a long time, I can't have my phone's screen on the full time, battery wasting away.


Hope this helps. But I'm guessing from forum thread volumes that thousands of S3 owners are experiencing this issue.

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I'm going to echo this problem. For me the issue is when I'm listening to my playlist, it'll play a song or two and then just stop. I can go to the phone and manually skip the song, and then it will play another song or two before the problem returns. This is a major problem considering I use Spotify when I'm driving all the time.


It's not a signal issue as it often happenes in area with strong 4G. Also I notice it doesn't happen if I listen to an album, only when I play from my playlist.

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I'm having similar troubles on my HTC One X. I'm listening to my playlist that I've downloaded, usually in offline mode when the music will just stop. I'll get my phone out and look at the app and it'll show that the track is stuck at the end of the first track I played (Even though I've listened to a few subsequent songs fine before it crashed). The app will then decide it doesn't want to play anything, even if I go to another playlist, try playing a new song etc.. I have to force stop the app to start the playlist again... then 5/6 songs in it'll do the same. The app is pretty much unuseable/unlistenable now, as I use it when commuting on my bike and can't just keep stopping to sort out the app (~1/2mins of effort each time).

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@mzecher It sounds like your HTC is turning off wifi when the device sleeps. You cna change this in android settings/wifi/advanced --> Keep wifi on during sleep > always.

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Thanks a lot jwylot, but it's already configured that way.


By the way, I'm running ARHD 62 rom (Android 4.4.2) with Sense 6, but I don't really think this should be related. I'm also rooted, of course. I think that the Spotify process is getting killed by Android to free RAM, but I'm not sure about that. I'm not short of RAM nor run too many apps simulaneosly. I also don't use any RAM management app.



Edit: I just realized that it also happens while I'm using the phone (in another app), so it seems to be a completely different problem.


In summary, the Spotify app disconnects from Spotify connect after a few minutes no matter if the screen is on or off. I have to open the app for it to reconnect, and thus be able to see what's playing and control my device.