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[Android] Songs randomly stop playing

Status: Fixed

Thread: 380716

Status: Unresolved


When listening to music in either on- or offline mode, Spotify will stop playing after 1-2 songs.


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Hey folks, this should be fixed for you all. If you're having any further trouble with your Andoid please post in the Help boards. Thanks!


Hi everyone--just checking here. Are any of you still experiencing this with 0.7.5 installed


I have only just started getting this problem. Spotify has been running perfectly for months and then yesterday this has started happening.

Plays at maximum three songs on the bounce, normally only 1 or two. It's made the service barely useable.



Unrooted S4

Spotify v

Android v 4.3


I have cleared the cache, I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice (which has now meant I have lost my downloaded playlists)

I even uninstalled my task manager and antivirus, even though they have worked harmoniously the entire time.


I subscribe to the premium service, so if there is no known fix I'll have to cancel. I have attached a screenshot of the blackscreen I get, and have read about.




Hey there.


I know where problem is. It's in Crossfade mode at least for my issue.


When I disabled crossfate, track played to the end without interruptions. So it is crossfade which when enabled do this interruption.


Please fix!


Hi @user-removed we just released another Android update today. 


Please upgrade to that latest version and let us know if this continues happening for you. Thanks!


I don't really use spotify to play directly from my phone, but I use it a lot to control Spotify Connect feature at home and I guess I'm getting more or less the same problem: after the screen is off for a while, usualy after 3 tracks, Spotify stops following what's playing in my device (through Spotify connect). If I turn on the screen, Spotify doesn't even seem to be running: it shows no notification at all. I have to manually open it and then it reconnects (in fact, it says it's not connected) and keeps monitoring what's playing in my device.


Phone: HTC One, Android 4.2.2

Spotify app:


@mzecher It sounds like your HTC is turning off wifi when the device sleeps. You cna change this in android settings/wifi/advanced --> Keep wifi on during sleep > always.


Thanks a lot jwylot, but it's already configured that way.


By the way, I'm running ARHD 62 rom (Android 4.4.2) with Sense 6, but I don't really think this should be related. I'm also rooted, of course. I think that the Spotify process is getting killed by Android to free RAM, but I'm not sure about that. I'm not short of RAM nor run too many apps simulaneosly. I also don't use any RAM management app.



Edit: I just realized that it also happens while I'm using the phone (in another app), so it seems to be a completely different problem.


In summary, the Spotify app disconnects from Spotify connect after a few minutes no matter if the screen is on or off. I have to open the app for it to reconnect, and thus be able to see what's playing and control my device.


Hello I speak spanish I cant find a community here in spanish so I try to explain in english:


Hello I have the same error,

With my Samsung Galaxy Win and my radio car via BT. Sometimes it is intermittent the music only  happens with Spotify because with other music player is fine. When I'm in the car I disable the Internet, GPS, Data movil, but still with the error.


I have:


Android version: 4.1.2




I hope your help


Muchas gracias amigos




I have the same problem, however, songs stop playing after the first seconds . When I start the song again, it plays for a bit longer (2 seconds), then stops again. Technically it doesn't "stop" (sign is not changing from |> to ||) but the time keeps going, there is just no song playing. The error occurs with downloaded titles as well as with streaming. I performed the actions described in to no avail. The problems occured after the last spotify update.


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 mini
Android: 4.1.2
Spotify version:

Account type: Premium


I have had a problem for the past 2 months ever since I purchased premium where playlists were pausing between songs. Disabling crossfade worked perfectly and now I can play playlists with and without local files seamlessly!