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When listening to music in either on- or offline mode, Spotify will stop playing after 1-2 songs.


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Hey folks, this should be fixed for you all. If you're having any further trouble with your Andoid please post in the Help boards. Thanks!

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Just like @kathalo songs stop playing after 2-5 seconds on my Nexus 5. It happens when playing songs online as well as when playing songs that are offline available. That has been happening since the latest update ( On my Mac everything works fine.

I already tried to do the clean reinstall - no help.


I hope you guys can help me. If you need additional information - let me know.


Best, Marc



Android 4.4.2

Nexus 5

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I've been having the same problem, but I can't complain because I have a cheap phone that runs out of memory easily.


Phone: T-Mobile Prism II

Android Version: 4.1.1

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Problem only occurs when online. When using Spotify with airplane-mode enabled, playing offline available tracks works fine. As soon as I turn airplane-mode off, it breaks again.


I just tried this, and it worked for me as well:

Downloaded playlists (however, I cannot download them completely for whatever reason..) play when I'm in flight mode. Sadly this "solution" is not very practical

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Any Spotify developers here?

I found i  the latest version of Spotify for Android tries to connect to the net even if I want to listen to donwloaded songs, maybe to fetch the song cover. In brief, if I have no or bad connection and I did not set "offline mode", spotify freezes waiting for some information it really doesn’t need to play.
Previous version worked well, so here we have a clear regression and a bad user experience


exactly the same problem!


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@kathalo I also can't download playlists anymore. It usually stops at 2-3/X. 

@spotify would be nice to hear something from your side..


My problem resolved itself mostly. Yesterday I redownloaded some playlists that got deleted randomly. After some trys it worked (and then stopped working, so redownload, yay) and I can even listen to music when not in flight mode! Still don't know what happened, though.


Ok, nope it sometimes works, sometimes I still have the problem of songs stopping playing. Although there was an update today(?), the problem essentially persists..


Hey guys,


I think I might have a solution for this problem. 



Open the Spotify app.


Go to the upper-left corner and then Settings.


Scroll down to the bottom, you will see "Delete cache and saved data".


Click it and OK.


Log in again.



It usually played two songs before it stopped. Now I can play 6 songs smoothly.

Sorry I only use Spotify on my phone when I take a shower. So I really dont know if this solution fixes the problem perfectly or not.

I hope this can solve your problem.