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When listening to music in either on- or offline mode, Spotify will stop playing after 1-2 songs.


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Hey folks, this should be fixed for you all. If you're having any further trouble with your Andoid please post in the Help boards. Thanks!

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I tried this before and it did not help.

However, since the CIO's email and the obligatory update everything works fine again here.


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I dealeted catche and saved data and it worked

I love Spotify, by why in the hell is my Spotify app on my phone playing music at 3 am without me pressing any buttons? This has happened in the middle of the night, a handful of times, for no reason. The app must be nocturnal, it just starts playing music when I am dead asleep in the middle of the night; waking me up and disrupting my rem cycle. Thinking about uninstalling it from my phone and sticking to listening to it on my laptop or computer. Has anyone else experienced this with the Spotify app? Please respond if you have.


Same problem here, but in the desktop app. Music will be playing and just randomly stop. Also skips over songs fairly regularly. This is REALLY annoying.


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Mac OS X 10.9.4

Macbook Retina Pro, 2.6 GHz i5, 8 GB DDR3

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I've experienced some form of this bug as long as I've used Spotify on an Android phone; so, probably 2-3 years now. It seems like this almost always happens after a local track plays, and it's on playlists that I've saved for offline use, but it seems like it may be related to network switching issues. I can't verify that, however, as it doesn't happen every time I manually toggle my network connections on and off. That said, my main use for Spotify premium is to be able to listen while driving, so it's not ideal when it stops playing after a few songs.


Details below:


  1. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4
  2. Android 4.4.2
  3. Spotify
  4. Premium account
  5. Haven't recently tried it with all of Spotify in offline mode, but it's happening to offline playlists I was just able to confirm this happens in offline mode too.
  6. There are local files in the playlist

Okay, after further testing, I'm fairly positive this is related to Wi-Fi switching on and off and whether it later loses the data signal. The biggest issue seems to relate to whether I've started the music over Wi-Fi or not. When I started out in offline mode, the music played continuously even though I kept turning my Wi-Fi and mobile data on and off. This would explain why I generally don't have any issues at all as long as I'm driving in a place that has a strong 4G signal. Also, when I was driving earlier, I had the person who was riding with me start the music again, and it completely messed up the queue, so this may ultimately come down to problems with the queue resetting and not so much the tracks themselves.


Of course the biggest problem of all would be that changes in the network should have no effect at all on music that has already been downloaded.

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I think the user who started this thread is onto something. I've done some more experimenting with one of my playlists and have determined it's definitely local files that are causing the player to stop. It's possibly related to metadata issues regarding the song length. As I commented in the thread I linked to, the now playing bar (on desktop) is displaying a time one second higher than the time column on the playlist itself. Any thoughts @Joe or @Peter__?


EDIT: One more update on this for now. It looks like it mainly occurs in low signal areas. It's hard to replicate this problem by disabling my Wi-Fi and mobile data, but it's been happening every time that I'm in a spot that just has slow data if one of these troublesome local files play. It's a big problem for someone like me who has lots of local files in their playlists and likes to listen to Spotify while driving.

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To my mind the problem is related to working Task Manager, trying to save power and killing Spotify. After inserting Spotify to Task Killer exclude list, the problem gone.


I've only had this happen recently. Seems to be because of an advert timing out or not kicking in w/e. Anyway, screen these ads better for programming or w/e. I won't mind listening to them but have some consistency here please.

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I cannot seem to post a new bug so I'll write this here.


The bug I'm experiencing is not that songs randomly stop playing, but Spotify randomly changes to another song (even from another playlist). Shuffle is off, queue is empty and I'm listening to an album track by track. Then on track-change it might jump to a different playlist and song and keep playing from that. I think this is related to Spotify Connect and it takes the active now-playing location from my tablet or phone when I'm using Windows desktop player.

Have been experincing this at least ten times in the last week or so.