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[Android] Songs randomly stop playing

Status: Fixed

Thread: 380716

Status: Unresolved


When listening to music in either on- or offline mode, Spotify will stop playing after 1-2 songs.


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Hey folks, this should be fixed for you all. If you're having any further trouble with your Andoid please post in the Help boards. Thanks!


I'm going to copy/paste my comment from another post.

Verizon HTC One

Android 4.3 with HTC Sense 5
Spotify version

Issue occurs when streaming, no matter if I am on Wifi or on 4G.

This is a major issue for me because I use Spotify to listen to music through my car stereo and I can't mess with my phone to get the music to start playing again while i'm trying to drive. I spent ~$150 for an aux input so I could listen to music from my phone in my car and am very dissapointed that this app stops playing after a random number of songs (sometimes after a long time, sometimes after 1 or 2) forcing me to switch to the radio in my car if I want to listen to anything at all.


From your more recent reports, it looks like this issue is mainly occurring while driving, which tends to imply there's more of a wireless connection issue. Most likely due to mobile network switching in the background.


For those of you with issues while driving, could you test in your car, while standing still?


I actually did test that yesterday with 3 different phones but I haven't had the time to make another post. First my HTC One on wifi hooked up to my car in my driveway lasted 3 songs then stopped. Then my friends Galaxy S4 on 4G still sitting in my driveway lasted 2 songs then stopped. My brothers Iphone 5S sitting in my driveway for 45 minutes did not stop playing at all.


Adding on, I have had it stop while in school on 4G too which is obviously still an issue I just didn't think to mention it because its less of a problem for me to get the music playing again.

Also I figured I would add that once I do get the music playing again it plays the last song I listened to over again.


Thank you, @Clyph . I'll pass that info on.


I have pretty much the same issue. I listen at work on a samsung S3, I've tried listening on WiFi and on 4G. I sometiems get ~30 minutes of listening in before the issue surfaces. Then it stopes after every song, it's really distracting to have to restart the radio every 2-3 min while I'm trying to work.


@Bago the information requested in the first post would be really helpful in pinning down this bug.


I'm getting the problem on a Galaxy S III, Android version 4.3, Kernel version 3.0.31, Hardware version I535.10. I have to manually restart the music frequently.


Spotify versioin

Hey there.


I have similar problem with Spotify in Android after update. I updated Spotify and now it keeps buffering at end of song, at every song. Playback stops at end of song befere crossfade and then continue. I have no problems with Internet, as my mobile dataplan is Unlimited and 2M/0.5M, even on Wifi it keeps stopping playback at end for while. It never stops, so there is no need to press play. It just stops for second or two and then continues. It happens always at end of every song.


It sounds like song is playing, but before outro it stops and continue to play after some seconds and then next song will play near end, then stops, continue to play and then change to next.


What is this and How to fix? Tried re-install, no help. Contacted operator, I live in strong 3G coverage and Spotify should work on my 2M.


Newest possible app, Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus, Android 4.1 and 2M/0.5M mobile network (tested also with 100M/5M cable modem wifi, same problem). Network in both mobile and cable Elisa Oyj (Elisa Finland).


I think, it should be enough for Spotify!


Mobile network (Mobile phone) 2M/0.5M:



Broadband network (Cable modem) 100M/5M:



Dontcha think?




I had this earlier today on my S4. It only did it when the screen was off (locked).


I re-intsalled but still had problem.


Looks like app updated this evening. Seems OK now.


I will test again tomorrow.