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[Android] Spotify continues playback after being closed on Android 11






Pixel 2 XL and 4 XL

Operating System

Android 11 September build


My Question or Issue

I've upgraded to Android 11 and I realised that Spotify now behaves differently in Android 11.


1. Removing Spotify from Recent Apps did not end the music session

2. Removing Spotify from Recent Apps also removes the music control notification from Quick Settings region (while the music is still playing)

3. No music control in lock screen This is a setting in Pixel 4 that I overlooked, skipping lock screen after face unlock removes the traditional lock screen.


Are these behaviours intended or is Spotify supposed to behave in a different way? My current Spotify experience on Android 11 is totally different from Android 10.


Edit: Reflected the correct issues, number 3 is a mistake on my part

Hey there folks,


Thanks for your updates and for your patience while we looked into this issue. We can now confirm that the issue reported here should now be fixed for everyone!


Make sure your app is updated to the latest version. If you're still having trouble, we suggest you start a new topic in the relevant help board here. We'll be happy to lend a hand and look into it further.


Note: If your playback keeps pausing/skipping when screen is off after the Android 11 update, we have a separate thread for that issue here - make sure to leave your info there and follow the instructions.


Thanks again!


Hi, I am having this issue and speaking with Spotify support.

I have tried this on my wife's 3XL and the issue does not occur.




Same issue after Android 11 update, plus Spotify closes entirely, songs stop in the middle of playing. 

I had issues after updating to Android 11 too. It also stops playing randomly in the middle of songs or stops responding and freezes the phone for a few seconds.
  • I have the same problem. After Android 11 on my Pixel 4a, Spotify crash my Android Auto. It stops in the middle of the first song. And mute all my audio from Android Auto. I tried with Pandora and Deezer and it's work well but not with Spotify.

Same issues here on Pixel3a.

But most annoying one is song keeps breaking up while playing. It seems to happen when the phone screen is off.


Yes same problem here, pixel 3aXL, is there going to be a fix? Or some sort of setting that needs to be changed? Extremely frustrating.


I am having the issue when music starts to stutter after screen goes off on pixel 3a xl


I'm having the same problem on my pixel 3a where the podcast randomly stops in the middle of playing.  Battery saver is turned off and so is battery optimization for the app.  I hope this gets fixed soon because I listen to Spotify at work and I'm worried it's gonna stop randomly while I listen.


This happens only over bluetooth. Spotify devs, maybe there is new android 11 permission for bluetooth use in background that you need to implement?

Judging from what I'm reading across the net, this seems to be a general Android 11 bug and is not specific to Spotify. E.g.,