[Android] Spotify randomly pauses music

Status: Closed


 Samsung Galaxy S5

Operating System Version:

 Android 5.0

Spotify Version:


My playing music gets randomly in pause mode. While listening to music the playpack pauses.

It does not depend on connection (WLAN, normal Internet, no internet connection).
Audio-Output via Bluetooth, headset (Klinke) or normal via intern speaker makes no difference.

I actively have to press play again, which is really annoying.

This happens sometimes every 7 minutes, sometimes 1 time an hour.


To reproduce:

  1. Open some Player (tested with Spotify, YouTube, internal Android Music Player)
  2. Select play on track / video
  3. Wait
  4. playing gets in pause mode


 Select play everytime it pauses


Additional information:

 Accordingly to Samsung support, this is a known bug and the issue is the spotify app.

(Samsung told me to uninstall spotify to solve this problem. no option for me, 'cause i am a premium spotify user and listen a lot via spotify)


Hey all,


Thanks for bearing with us, while this was worked on backstage.


Although not everyone has responded to us yet, many of you have confirmed this as 'fixed' since updating your app. We really appreciate you keeping us in the loop.


We're just jumping in now, to let you know we're going to close this thread up.


If you are still having the issue, it's possible this could be related to something else! Don't worry, we'd recommend checking firstly:

- Are you running any other apps in the foreground which could be causing this?

- Can you test playing in offline mode (if possible), to see that it's not paused by low bandwidth streaming?

- Have you covered all the initial trouble-shooting steps? E.g. reinstall, restart the app, check your operating system's up-to-date?

- Check you're not using your device's battery-saving mode

- Check you're not using any cache-clearing or power-saving apps


If none of these help, we'd recommend reaching out in a new thread, so that we can take a look at what the individual issue may be in more detail.


Once again, thanks for your patience as the right team looked into this 🙂


All the best,



Greetings, well known problem.

Using Android 6.0.1 & Spotify armV7 on my Samsung Galaxy S5.

Same problem with Google Play Music.

Still no solution? Got worse since last update! Real pain in the bass...


Brand new Samsung note8. Practically unlistenable.  Pausing at least once per song. Tried all the suggestions. No choice but to cancel my subscription. 


Same here, on iOS and macOS. Very annoying that Spotify pauses on its own from time to time, but even more annoying when it unexpectedbly *resumes* playback by itself. Happens for a few months already.


Unless, Spotify developers pay more attention to software quality I switch to alternatives.

Sorry to hear your troubles. Mine, for reasons unknown to me, have
completely disappeared.

I experience this same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In addition, songs randomly breaks and pause especially when spotify is in the background, when I return to the app the songs continues to play normally. This has really negatively affected my listening experience.