[Android] Spotify won´t play more than one song or skips back to middle of it

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The Netherlands


Samsung Android Galaxy A5 (2016)

Version android


Version Spotify



My Question or Issue

Since this morning my phone won´t play more than one song. After it finishes playing a song, it rewinds back a few minutes, to about a minute and a half into the song, after which it doesn´t play anymore. This happens no matter how strong or weak my connection is and whether I´ve downloaded the song or not. 


It doesn´t pause the songs, and if I pause it and then unpause it, it continues to look as if it´s playing but does so without sound.


If I skip the song, it plays the next one, but the same problem occurs when the song ends. My laptop works just fine, it´s just my phone.


Edit: I´ve performed a clean reinstall, which worked, but only for a little while, The problem is now back.

Edit 2: somehow, a day or so after making the above edit, the problem was fixed. I did nothing to fix it, Spotify was just working normally out of nowhere again. I decided to wait a few days to bring the news to see if it stayed the same, and it did. I will leave this question open as I don´t think everyone has had the same thing happen to them, but I wanted to inform you all regardless. Hopefully, I´m doing it the right way, haha. Good luck to anyone with the same issue! 

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


I´ve got a Samsung Android Galaxy A5 (2016), version 7.0. I am using the Spotify version .5.57.1164. t happens on every network, including none, and both with Bluetooth and without. The problem disappeared for a little while after a clean reinstall but is now back.

Thanks for trying to help 🙂

Same problem here. Looking forward to a solution.



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Samsung devices

7.0 OS

Spotify build version

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this issue to us.


We’ve passed your info on to the relevant team, who are currently looking into it.


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Could you also make sure to provide us with the following info, if you haven’t already:

  • device + OS version
  • exact Spotify version

Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.


I have SMP9002 with Android 4.4.2

Using spotify for Android, update from May 10 - version 8.5 57.1164



Same issues for me too.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Android version 6.0.1.

Spotify version

Hoping issue is resolved soon.



Same problem, reinstall several times.

Sometimes after reinstall it works fine for a few songs but than goes back to the problem.


Samsung Galaxy S6

7.0 OS

Spotify version




Hey there everyone!


Thanks for all the info. We have an update on this.


Can you log out > restart your device > log back in to make sure all changes are synced up?


Does it work better for you now?


Keep us posted.


It works perfectly now! Thank you


Thank U so much. Works Perfect now