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Sony Bravia TV 4K UR2

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Android TV


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The Spotify app no longer works on my TV. When I attempt to play songs, it navigates to them on the TV but does not actually start playing. Trying to press the "play" button results in nothing happening. I can still navigate (and add things to my library) from the Android TV app but not actually engage in any playback. No other app on my TV is having playback issues so this is a Spotify-specific problem.


I have attempted to uninstall-reinstall the app AND restart the TV (and both at once). This does not solve the problem. Trying to use Spotify connect to play songs (from either my phone or my laptop) results in nothing, as well.

 Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

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I updated my Spotify App on Android TV, the version is 2.52.3-87197c6-release-v2.89-1-g221283bb HEAD-v3.116.55-g9c8208a3.


Since the update i cannot play sounds and there is no sound.


Using Android TV v7


Please can someone asssit. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the app and reinstalled. rebooted nothing.




I have the same issue on 2019 Shield TV. Release 2.91-1




The update indeed seems to break the spotify app on android TV 8.0 as well. I can't get the app to play any sound and it gets stuck at 00:00 on every track even if I play with play Spotify connect.


The issue is also not resolved by changing the network and neither does a restart of the TV doesn't appear to fix the issue.


I have the same issue.


Reverting to 1.24 seems to work again


Same here ,android tv 8.0 spotify  tv app version 1.31 no sound at all, stuck to the same playing list, no spotify connect . Casting works though.


on fire tv? How did you revert to an older version? 

I have the same issue.
Spotify Version 1.31.0
Android TV v9
I have the same issues. Before the update, I can't hear the sound mo the music but the player progress bar is running. Then I tried to connect my mobile device it no longer connect. Then I update the spotify app. But it didn't work. I unsinstall, clear the cache, re-install and still it doesn't work.
I notice also when I was connecting spotify from my mobile device to my android tv, there's an option to connect to spotify connect and google chromecast. There were none before.






(philips 50pus7303 Andrroid Tv)

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(Android 8.0.0)

My Question or Issue

Hello everyone,


Today my tv, phone and desktop spotify app just upgraded theirself and my tv's spotify connect app start not working.. even app itself can't play any songs (my library or else) only working thing play via google chrome cast. 


I tried unnistall and re-install app on tv a few times but still can't play any songs on spotify..


if i change the way of casting like siwtch spotify connect to google chrome it's working but spotify app and spotify connect are not working after upgrade spotify..


I hope anybody can help this issue.


Best Regards,