[Android] Track data/artwork is not updated on lockscreen

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Sometimes when manually skipping a track or the next track starts the album art/track details do not get updated on the KitKat Lockscreen. Instead the previously playing track information is displayed.


To reproduce:

  • Play a playlist/Album and lock the device. Turn screen on but leave the lockscreen displayed and try skipping to the next track in the queue. This is a sporadic bug and does not seem to have any related causes/triggers.



  • Unlock the screen, this refreshes the data for the track so that when it is locked again the details will show correctly.


Additional information:

  • Although Bluetooth A2DP is not officially supported, the same behaviour can be experienced with track metadata not correctly updating on a bluetooth stereo.



If you are having this issue, can you please post (where possible):

  1. Make and Model you are running the app on
  2. Android version and is it stock or a custom ROM (if you are unsure, then it's probably stock)
  3. Your current Spotify version (Settings > About > Version)




This was fixed in version 0.7.8


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Status: Fixed

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Same issue. Unlocking pattern screen resolves issue and updates meta data.

Nexus 5 Android 4.4.2

Same as above, screen on - off - on fixes this but just for the song I'm listening to. Sometimes it gets stuck on the "Spotify" ad until I do this. 


Nexus 5, unrooted

KitKat 4.4.2

Spotify version


Exactly the same problem.


Phone: Nexus 5

Android version: 4.4.2

Spotify version:

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