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[Android] Trapped in "Welcome to Family/Duo Mix"


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Multiple Android phones

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Android 9/10


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Thinking it would be a fun thing to see a fusion of our odd musical tastes, three of my family members joined Family Mix.  Joining was super easy.


However, now whenever we tap Family Mix on our phones, we are presented with the "Welcome to Family Mix" screen and when we tap listen, it flashes to the playback list then pops up the "Welcome to Family Mix" screen again.


If we tap the back arrow fast enough, we can get back to the main screen, but we have no way of launching Family Mix from our phones.  It can be launched without issue from the web player.

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!

Make sure you're rocking the latest version of the app on your Android device - performing a clean reinstall will do the trick.




Same issue here. Waiting for an answer.
More info here, if you need it:
Device: Samsung Galaxy A40, latest update
What I did: Log-out and log-in, didn't work; quick reinstall - didn't work.
Spotify version:


Exactly the same thing here. German Android 9 device, restarted app, logged off and logged in again, problem stays the same.


Same problem here in Android 9 on HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy Tab3, whilst iOS seems not infected and my familymembers with apple-affinity happily listen to our mix...


A quick-reinstall helped for the Tab3, but for the HTC10 nothing helped, neither the quick-reinstall, nor the clean-reinstall , so I think we should wake up the attention of the supportteam...


Same here on Pixel 3a, latest and fully up-to-date Android version.


My user experience joining Family Premium has been so disappointing and clunky. I genuinely don't think there's enough thought going into this product. I've really changed my view of Spotify - I was formerly a content customer of Premium with a very positive opinion of the company.




Same problem here on Galaxy S8 ! I have done quick and clean reinstal, bug still there !

Really disapointed of this issue, since i'm having a lot more and more issue with the android app lately.


Could be nice to have some answers and folowing on this !


Yesterday a quick-reinstall cured my Tab3, today the bug is alive and well again...

Support? Anyone here???


Same here on Galaxy S8

I'm having the exact same pro on an honor 9 lite 😕
I have the same problem on my Pixel 3a, even other members of my family have the same exact problem with Galaxy A40 and Honor 9 lite...