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[Android] Unable to play music, all playlists appear empty

We've received reports from Android users that they're unable to play songs from Search. In addition, all playlists in the app appear empty. This is currently being investigated.

Hi everyone,


Thank you for your patience and input so far.


We're setting this issue to Not Right Now since we're unable to provide an exact timeline for a fix at this moment. However, rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar and we'll check back in here with a new status when we have any new information to share.


In the meantime, it's recommended you keep the app up to date so that you're always running the latest version of Spotify.


Take care.


Hey there @PhilS95,


Thanks for the post.


This seems a bit odd. Could you go into your phone's settings and make sure that Spotify is granted all app permissions and the there is no Battery Optimization enabled. After that restart your phone.


Let us know if that makes a difference. 

The problem:
So from this morning when i open the Spotify app on my android (Xiaomi Mi A3) and i go on the playlist section all my platlist is gone, i can only create new playlist.
On the home section i can see my playlist that i played recently but if i tap on that the playlist is empty and there is no songs.
If i try to play any song than an error message say to check the internet connection.

What i try to do:
- Clean the caches. (no effect)
- Delete all data stored by the app. (no effect)
- Uninstall and reinstall the app. (no effect)
- Try to login with my Facebook account. (no effect) [I started with a Facebook account on spotify but for 2 years now i migrated to a Spotify account and always login with that not Facebook.]


I have the same Issues with the Spotify Android App

Tried various methods of clean re-installing the App, gave it all the permissions but nothing helped. All my personal playlists show as empty, the library is empty and all other playlists and albums dont load at all. Searching works normally, but when I try to play a song, it just doesnt do anything, except for when I have Spotify open on my PC aswell. Then, it just plays the song on the PC. Also, my account isnt propperly displayed in the settings menu.


My specs:

Phone: Xiaomi Mi A3

Android vers: Android one 11

Spotify vers:

I have Spotify premium

Region: Germany



Any playlist i try to open show the message "the playlist is empty".

If i try to play a song from the web app to the smartphone the song timeline go frozen and on phone nothing happen.

sp mia 4.jpg
sp mia 3.jpg
sp mia 2.jpg
My app is completely broken - it won't let me play songs, everything playlist I click on is empty even the public ones and when I go onto liked songs it comes up with an error. It all started when I turned my phone off for an exam as it was was working perfectly beforehand.
I've logged out and in again, reinstalled the app, turned my phone on and off again and checked if everything is up to date and nothin has worked.
I am able to use it normally in devices such as my laptop and playstation

I granted all app permissions and disabled battery optimization then restarted my phone, but nothing changed. Playlists are still all empty

same here from yesterday
also Xiaomi Mi A3
(tip for meanwhile: play spotify from a chrome tab

Hi folks,


Thanks for your inputs!


Could you try setting the app in offline mode to see if that does the trick? Follow these steps:

  1. Open Spotify on your phone and go to Settings > Offline mode and toggle it on.
  2. Exit the app, then head to your phone's settings > Apps > Spotify > Force stop.
  3. Restart Spotify, turn off Offline mode and exit the app.
  4. Go back to settings and force stop it once again, then restart the app.

Keep us posted!


Sadly, this does not fix it.


Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing this with us!
It looks like it's connected to your Xiaomi Mi A3 devices but let's test it out to make sure.
If you could log in to another android device with your accounts and/or let someone else log in to their account on your devices, we'll be able to easily figure out where the issue lies, depending on what works and where.

Tip: A complete clean reinstall is always worth a shot.
We appreciate the assistance and will be on the lookout for your response 🙂

@ielbaz @Fede00