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[Android] Volume spike when using Connect




The Netherlands

Device / OS

Laptop: Clevo laptop with an up-to-date Windows 10 Pro 1809

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 9

Receiver: Denon AVR-X3500H with latest Firmware (2600-9174-8102-0025)

Spotify version on Windows:

Spotify version on Android:


My Question or Issue

While writing this I'm still shaking. After opening Spotify on my Android device I selected a song I would like to hear like I normally do, and pressed play. The song started to play on my phone. I clicked the 'Connect to a device' button and selected the Denon receiver. After a short delay the song starts to play on Denon receiver on MAX volume. I've never set the volume of the receiver even near max in my entire live and I instantly knew why. Apparently max volume equals instant shock and permanent ear damage. In the moment I accidentally pressed the Samsung Bixby button which made the unbearable moment even longer. Once I could stop the music and set the volume to zero I was dazedly looking around while the smell of fried electronics from my B&W speakers filled the air.


One week earlier I had a similar incident from my laptop. I was working in the living room and I've been playing music from Spotify on my receiver for a while and on a random moment the volume switched to MAX. I didn't touch Spotify or my local system audio at that time because I worked in a remote desktop session. I don't know if this is related to the Spotify Android incident but they both happened within one week time span and never before. On the Windows system it looked like the Windows volume (which was on 100%) was synced with the Spotify volume, which synced this volume to the receiver. After setting my Windows volume around 20% I had twice the 'incident' that my spotify volume jumped to a lower volume. Which I had to set higher manually.


I have no clue why this happened. I do know I don't want this ever to happen again. Please look into this issue Spotify.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, let us know and we’ll look into it.



I've told this story to my colleagues at work and one of them had a similar incident with Spotify last week. From an Android phone on an IKEA speaker. She started the music from her Android phone and the volume was alright. After some time, without touching the phone or the speaker, the IKEA speaker volume maximized in an instance.

I've had this happen on Google Mini, and Amazon Echo.  It's happened when listening to Tame Impala, I can't remember the specific song but I'm pretty sure it's the same song every time. 


I used my Echo for music to fall asleep and had it set to play Tame Impala music.  About 40 minutes after falling asleep I'm awakened by the Echo at max volume, several times I've told Alexa to change the volume and go back to sleep only to have the volume change again a few minutes later.


So I switched to a Google Mini and setup the same night time routine (play Tame Impala).  Last night the max volume happened again after falling asleep.  


Considering this has happened on 2 different brands of devices with the same song I'm pretty sure it's a spotify issue, not an Amazon or Google issue.

If this continues to happen I'll be forced to stop using Spotify, being awakened at random times just isn't worth the hassle... 









Operating System


My Question or Issue

Opening Spotify app make Spotify connect on Sonos devices increase volume to maximum!!!!!!!!


Old version were ok!


Hey, @camillo75 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Have you already tried a clean reinstallation of the app on your device? Just take a look at this article below to get help about how to do it:

If you have any other further questions or need more help, let me know! I'd love to help!

Best Regards,


Same issue here! Started maybe two weeks ago, never had it before. Happens when Sonos has been playing Spotify content, and then the Spotify app on a device is "re-activated", probably after having been put to sleep by Android. Causes a massive volume increase, although not necessarily to 100%.


This happens both with my smartphone and my tablet.


Even worse that it sometimes happens when I plug headphones into my phone, because that triggers the Spotify app. Either, it "steals" playback from the Sonos (annoying) or triggers the "volume increase of death" (super annoying).


Hey, @king_ben 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Have you tried the suggestion I've made above? Try a clean reinstallation of the Spotify app on your device and check if the issue persists. 


Keep me posted about it, I'll be searching for any other probable solutions.


Best Regards,




This has been happening for 2 weeks now!! No matter what device I use.I have disabled all devices, restarted google home minis and uninstalled the app on an iphone to prevent volume spiking on my home speakers
i get to work and am listening only off my laptop account and it's spiking to about 80 percent volume

If this issue isn't fixed soon i'm switching audio streaming services, as I cannot take it anymore. Not only causing damage to my speakers, but to my eardrums as well
Being woken up in the middle of the night while listening to a chill playlist on MAX volume is enough to give someone a heart attack!

Fix this issue NOW Spotify before you lose a loyal customer and others, as I've been hearing the same stories from colleagues, friends and family members also.


People with Bose speakers, DENON amps... all poping up in the past month.


I do know that changes have happened because when I used to ask my google mini to play music through the chromecasts I was never able to go into the app and see the volume, I now have this ability and something is not jiving correctly. its not MAX but it will often jump to what looks like 80/100. Even when not listening to music it will just set that volume inside the spotify app. 


EDIT: Forgot to add, google play no problems ran a test for 2 days straight and volume was stable.


Got this problem today. playing via spotify connect to my denon avr which has the latest firmware.   On random times volume goes to 100%  luckily i have a max level in the amplifier so i hope my speakers did not suffer. but stil my ears are not happy with it.  Switched to internet radio on the amp and the problem did not occur anymore, so it must be defenitly spotify connect that causes this..       


                This is really a severe problem as it can damage hearing . 


Happened again this morning I uninstalled Spotify on literally all my devices. So frustrating.


Everything was working perfect before 3 weeks ago.







Lenovo Laptop, Motorola Phone

Operating System

Windows 10 EDU Ver. 10.0.18362

Android 5.1

Spotify (Microsoft Store version)


My Question or Issue

Every few minutes the volume on my desktop spotify mutes itself or changes volume to match my android phones volume. This only happens when the spotify connect and notification are available. This just started happening within the last week, I also set up some google homes and connected the spotify account when this started happening.