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[Android] Volume spike when using Connect




The Netherlands

Device / OS

Laptop: Clevo laptop with an up-to-date Windows 10 Pro 1809

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 9

Receiver: Denon AVR-X3500H with latest Firmware (2600-9174-8102-0025)

Spotify version on Windows:

Spotify version on Android:


My Question or Issue

While writing this I'm still shaking. After opening Spotify on my Android device I selected a song I would like to hear like I normally do, and pressed play. The song started to play on my phone. I clicked the 'Connect to a device' button and selected the Denon receiver. After a short delay the song starts to play on Denon receiver on MAX volume. I've never set the volume of the receiver even near max in my entire live and I instantly knew why. Apparently max volume equals instant shock and permanent ear damage. In the moment I accidentally pressed the Samsung Bixby button which made the unbearable moment even longer. Once I could stop the music and set the volume to zero I was dazedly looking around while the smell of fried electronics from my B&W speakers filled the air.


One week earlier I had a similar incident from my laptop. I was working in the living room and I've been playing music from Spotify on my receiver for a while and on a random moment the volume switched to MAX. I didn't touch Spotify or my local system audio at that time because I worked in a remote desktop session. I don't know if this is related to the Spotify Android incident but they both happened within one week time span and never before. On the Windows system it looked like the Windows volume (which was on 100%) was synced with the Spotify volume, which synced this volume to the receiver. After setting my Windows volume around 20% I had twice the 'incident' that my spotify volume jumped to a lower volume. Which I had to set higher manually.


I have no clue why this happened. I do know I don't want this ever to happen again. Please look into this issue Spotify.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, let us know and we’ll look into it.




Hi, I have the same problem when using Spotify on a Samsung smart TV.

Just started in the last couple of weeks... no particular track or time, just a jump to 100% volume.


I've deleted the app  and re-installed it with no improvement.


I also experience the same, but without Google Home, tested on several PCs running Windows 10 EDU & PRO.

Started happening in the first half of last week (last week of October).

Getting REALLY annoying.

Edit: Let me add: My ASUS phone is running a custom LineageOS (Android 7.1.2). It worked absolutely OK until last week. No updates or any kind of changes were made at the time so this is most definitely not my or the OS' fault.


I have the same problem when using Spotify Connect, I'm not sure if this also happens when I'm only have one device connected to spotity (not using connect). I cannot see any pattern to a specific device, same problem seems to occur with android, PC, Sonos. 

This is a BIG ISSUE!!!!


Has this been reported/registerd as a bug? 

Your explanation of the problem seems to me the most precise one. I am almost sure that these other two issues are because of the same thing.

Hi Gaupe, thanks for revering to the max level configuration. I couldn't set this setting in the Denon App but through the web-interface of the Denon receiver I could set the max volume to -10db or -20db. Now I'm slightly less afraid of Spotify.


I think the problem is that Spotify is sometime the master volume and sometimes a relative volume control. For instance I have the Spotify volume on 100% when I listen music on my headphones through Spotify on my laptop or phone, because I control the volume by changing the master volume of the device. Spotify is the master volume when I play music straight on my Denon receiver through Spotify Connect.


I suspect that the Spotify volume control is synced between devices and does not take into account the difference between Spotify controlling a relative volume control or an absolute volume control. Or another technical bug causing a random switch to 100% due connection issue or incompatibility or whatever.


As workaround I lower the volume control in Spotify always to 10% after I’m done listening. Hopefully this will work.


@danifyit, I have the problem only in combination with Spotify Connect too. Whenever I use Spotify standalone with a relative volume control I do not have any issue.


Hopefully Spotify will follow-up this thread. It is really dangerous to sync volume levels or to allow a (random) volume change to 100%.


Hello all

It seems definitely an issue with the latest Spotify app releases.


Here is the thread on Sonos community website:



Same problem with Android and Alexa. The volume suddenly increase to 100%

Dear Spotify team,

I've also experienced volume explosion issues through Spotify Connect in the past month. This is dangerous and putting the health of your customers at risk. Yesterday again the volume has risen unexpectedly and today my left eardrum is hurting. I'm considering going to the doctor getting it checked up. I've seen topics on your forum dating back from 2014 about the problem. Can't believe no one has been suing you on that. Well, please consider this may soon happen. How can you really be so careless about the health of your customers? This is outrageous.


I have the same/similar problem. I am have spotify on a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge phone, my Lenovo Laptop and directly on my Onkyo receiver. All of the sudden, without me not even touching any of these devices the Spotify (it is the drag bar within spotify app on laptop not the overall volume of windows, for example) sound volume goes up to max on telephone and laptop and to really loud on my receiver. When it happens on my receiver I am glad I am not 80 years old because I would get a heart attack when it happens since it goes from comfortable listening level to above nightclub volume level (!!) and probably damaging to the ears.