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[Android] Volume spike when using Connect




The Netherlands

Device / OS

Laptop: Clevo laptop with an up-to-date Windows 10 Pro 1809

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 9

Receiver: Denon AVR-X3500H with latest Firmware (2600-9174-8102-0025)

Spotify version on Windows:

Spotify version on Android:


My Question or Issue

While writing this I'm still shaking. After opening Spotify on my Android device I selected a song I would like to hear like I normally do, and pressed play. The song started to play on my phone. I clicked the 'Connect to a device' button and selected the Denon receiver. After a short delay the song starts to play on Denon receiver on MAX volume. I've never set the volume of the receiver even near max in my entire live and I instantly knew why. Apparently max volume equals instant shock and permanent ear damage. In the moment I accidentally pressed the Samsung Bixby button which made the unbearable moment even longer. Once I could stop the music and set the volume to zero I was dazedly looking around while the smell of fried electronics from my B&W speakers filled the air.


One week earlier I had a similar incident from my laptop. I was working in the living room and I've been playing music from Spotify on my receiver for a while and on a random moment the volume switched to MAX. I didn't touch Spotify or my local system audio at that time because I worked in a remote desktop session. I don't know if this is related to the Spotify Android incident but they both happened within one week time span and never before. On the Windows system it looked like the Windows volume (which was on 100%) was synced with the Spotify volume, which synced this volume to the receiver. After setting my Windows volume around 20% I had twice the 'incident' that my spotify volume jumped to a lower volume. Which I had to set higher manually.


I have no clue why this happened. I do know I don't want this ever to happen again. Please look into this issue Spotify.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, let us know and we’ll look into it.




I have similar issue but mine is with this combination:


- macOS Spotify

- Bose Soundbar 700 (play via Spotify in Bose Music)

- iOS 14.3 Spotify


All of them are already in the latest version. Rebooted / restarted multiple times but the issue persists.


They are changing volume of each other to MAXIMUM volume. This means they also change the volume of my Soundbar to maximum which can kill me during night.


This still happens to me time to time and it's really really REALLY annoying.....


I start to play a song from spotify (with the receiver off) and the volume is ok but a few seconds after, without me touching anything, it goes to 100% and I have to run to the receiver and turn the volume down before I go deaf (it's faster than reducing it from the app)


My solution is to start playing a song from the app and while I wait for the receiver to turn on and start playing, I pause the song and change the volume like 2 o 3 times to make sure it's ok. 


But sometimes I forgot to do this and this issue happens...


I have a denon 2400h running the latest firmware and this happens to me while using the android spotify app. It only happens when starting the receiver from the spotify app (the receiver is off and I turn it on by playing a song from the spotify app)


I'm still experiencing this issue with my iPhone 11 Pro





Xiaomi 12T Pro

Android 13


  • Whenever I use Spotify with bluetooth devices, the next song plays on max volume. It goes down to what I set the volume to if I adjust the volume once. Sometimes it doesn't happen but it happens more often than not. I have tried clearing cache, reinstalling Spotify, and playing around settings but nothing seems to work. This happens only on Spotify and not on other apps. I have found a temporary solution by installing an older version of the app, particularly, version I tried installing to the latest one a few days ago but the problem was still there. I was wondering if anyone had a permanent solution. 



My ears are paining now, please fix this issue.