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Android app crashes during playback

Hey folks,


We're currently investigating an issue with the Android app crashing after a few minutes of playback.


If your app is crashing immediately after opening it, we have a separate thread for that issue here - make sure to leave your info there and follow the instructions.


If your app is not crashing immediately, then make sure to follow the instructions in the status update below.



Hey there folks,


We really appreciate your patience while we were looking into this!


The issue initially reported in this thread should be fixed after updating to the latest version of the app, so we'll be marking this Ongoing Issue as Fixed. 


However, if you're experiencing a similar issue, we'd suggest sharing it in the related Help board  along with all the relevant details of the affected device and troubleshooting steps you've tried. We'll be happy to lend a hand there and take a closer look into what's happening.




I'm not sure if this so considered the same problem:. The app doesn't crash, bit when it is playing on my Android (samsung s8) phone, whether I'm a speaker or on its own, it stops playing mod song.  Sometimes it song 3 and sometimes it's song 10....  It does not crash the app.  Just stops as if I have hit pause.  Once I tap play the whole song restarts.  It's annoying and I can't find a setting that fixes it nor any other reason for it to happen.  All versions are up to date...

  • Exact Spotify version-
  • Device Black Shark 2 CN version + Android 10
  • Available memory on device : 8gb RAM 84.99gb
  • Date when you first noticed the issue: May 29, 2020
  • Timestamp for the latest crash: May 29 10pm +8:00
  • Does this happen when trying to play anything, or is it happening in a specific context within the app?- It closes whenever I play it

Hey folks,


Thanks for all your reports!


If you're still experiencing this, could you confirm that you have Spotify version 8.5.60 or above?


We'll be sure to forward your feedback and keep you in the loop!

I have

Spotify version:
Samsung Galaxy S8, Android Version 9
Available memory on device: 17,9 gb
Happened first around late March/early April
Latest crash: 9. June 2020, around 14:00 UTC+1
Only happens with downloaded offline playlists (both selfmade and made by other users), however, that's the only thing I really listen to
Additional info:
-Only crashes when I'm underway
-Crashes exactly 10min after screen timeout
-Oddly enough NEVER crashes when I'm at home even if I have no internet connection whatsoever
-Did about 3 clean reinstalls as suggested on the dedicated support site, only worked for one session of listening to music each though and then started crashing again as usual
-Set Spotify to offline mode which lead to the same result as the clean reinstalls mentioned above
-Even set my device on flight mode, again same results though
-Spotify is NOT set to energy saving mode



Device - Samsung s10

Memory available - 55.6GB

Date noticed - 28/05/20

Time stamp of last crash - 10:56 gmt

Crashes on any music 


  • Last crash was appx. 5:45 pm 6/10 est.
  • Motox4
  • Android version 9
  • 30 GB free
  • First noticed 6/6 

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate your patience this far!


If possible, could you try updating the app after joining our Alpha or Beta Programs? You can find more details on being an alpha/beta tester or how to join/leave the program here.


The steps to sign up from your Android device are the following:

  1. Join the Alpha or Beta Google group and then accept the test invite
  2. Then go to the Android App Testing page and click “Become a Tester”
  3. Go to the Play Store, and download or update the Spotify Music app

You will then get the latest Alpha or Beta version of the app. Keep in mind though that it may take a while before you get the updated version.


If the issue persists, make sure to add the requested details from the status update above so we can pass them along to the teams investigating this.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies, thanks 🙂


Spotify ver is


Black shark 2 cn rom


Device ram 12gig

Device storage available is 56gig


Random crash no particular time 7/10 it crashes




I've reinstalled the app but the issue is still ongoing.


29,9GB free space

Samsung Galaxy S9, (android version 10)

Discovering issue for the first time: Monday 8 June 2020

Latest crash: 13 June 2020, time: 18.44


The issue occurs when music has been playing for a few minutes. It doesn't matter if I use the device when the music plays or if I'm not using it.