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[Android] "Downloading" playlist is stuck on 0%

Status: Fixed

Thread: 116950

Status: Unresolved


This thread is for this particular issue:

In a playlist, in Spotify on Android, you press the green “Download playlist” button and it stays stuck on “Downloading 0%”


Additional information:

  1. If your device doesn’t show up under Devices in the desktop client, that is a different issue. Please make sure you try resolving the issue using our connection troubleshooting tips
  2. If your playlist did sync before, but then disappeared, please go here
  3. Have a look at the updated Troubleshooting Spotify on Android topic
  4. When replying here, make sure you provide ALL the details we ask for. A simple “I have this problem too” doesn’t give us any info we can use to try and find a common cause
  5. When replying here, please also state how much space you have left both on your device AND on your SD card (Only if your phone supports an external SD card, of course)
  6. If you have rooted and/or installed a custom rom we can’t troubleshoot properly. Please reset your phone to factory settings and try again


I'm not yet convinced that this issue is resolved, but responses have died down quite a bit of late.

I am told by the developers that this is mostl a tempoar issue for users; that after a while the issue resolves itself on individual devices.

I also want to note that some responses in this thread indicate that two issues are being mixed up. The particular issue being discussed here is that playlists will not start downloading for offline use on your Android device.


To the point: Is anyone here having problems downloading playlists on their Android device and if so, has this been going on for longer than a month?



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I'm having the same issues now since downloading the new update this morning.


The only way I can get new playlists to sync is to play each song in the playlist one by one. Once the song has been played it will show up as having been downloaded. A pain in the backside though since I'm trying to download a playlist with over 100 songs.


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3

Stock Ice Cream Sandwich unrooted

Spotify Version:

Free Space: 8GB


The following work-around works. Thanks to bpresto for sharing the info:


'I found today that if you try to download a playlist and it doesn't work (everybody with android 4.1) that as soon as you plug it into a usb port the downloads start immediately. 

More of a work-around then a fix.  But it works!'


How strange, I plugged the USB cable into the phone and into my MAC. I then unplugged it and tried downloading a playlist and it now works, as does my offline account. I had also played one of the songs in the playlist before downloading it so I can't tell which of the solutions worked! It could've also been a delay in my Premium account being recognised by my mobile device too.


Either way it appears to be working now.


I don't think the problem is related to Spotify Mobile communicating with Spotify Desktop version. I don;t have Spotify installed on this PC but the simple task of plugging the USB cable into the phone worked.


That has to be one of the weirdest workarounds I've heard in a while, but I'm glad that worked for some of you.

I've updated the issue internally to reflect that there's a possible workaround (NOT that the issue is resolved).


Please reply here and let me know if connecting your device to your desktop, using USB, worked.


It didn't work for me :<

galaxy S II newest firmware (4.0)

connected trough USB + wifi


Was not working yesterday. It is now working  today galaxy S3 rooted stock os 4.04.


Don't know how much this helps anyone. I have an Evo 4G LTE, was having the problem where it was getting stuck at 0%......  I got mine to work when I plugged it into a computer and used the computer for an internet pass through to supply my phone with an internet connection. After I did that everything started downloading, and after i unplugged it items continued to download via wi-fi.


Hey guys, we're still looking into this (you haven't been forgotten!). And we're still looking at gathering as much info on this as we can.


We've noticed that a number of you are using 4G devices. It might be the case that the app is trying to communicate over this without any luck.


Does disabling the 4G and syncing by wifi kickstart the download at all?

No. I'm on a HTC Desire HD, I'm always on wifi, and I've been having the same problems since.. maybe two months back?


It's pretty anoying as I only have 500 MB internet per month. Thought that would be enough, as I thought i would be able to play my spotify lists offline. It said i would be able to do that when i paid for premium.


In theory, couldnt we sue you for this? You sold us a broken service, I've paid at least 30 euros for something that was sold with false marketing. But I guess you've grown to big as a company, your lawyers would just laugh at us - your customers.