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[Android] "Spotify is trying to play" notification





Moto Z3 Play

Operating System

Android 9


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Yesterday I noticed that my phone was showing two notifications when I played spotify. The first was the normal notification that spotify was playing with information about the song. The second was a notification that I couldn't swipe away that said "Spotify is trying to play...". It persisted the entire time I was playing music on my phone and disappeared when I closed spotify. What's going on? How can I get rid of the notification?

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!



Make sure to perform a clean reinstall and that you're running the latest version of the app.




Yes, not fixed.

I had not seen the notification until about a week ago, but now it shows every day. Reinstall does not help. 


Sorry for a minor highjack of this thread.  But how can I create a new forum topic?   I can comment in this forum, but why can't I create a new topic thread?  Thank you


It's still happening as of today for me, this is the first time it has ever happened to me tho.


Not a resolved issue.



On a galaxy s10e,

Spotify version


Hey there @yreuvekamp@Kanel@rhodebump and @Imryancollins,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community!


Since the original issue reported in this thread was resolved a bit ago, we'd recommend starting a new thread in the relevant Help board to report this. This will help us take a closer look into what's happening currently and report it with the right folks if needed. We'd also suggest adding any relevant details, for example, the device affected and the Spotify version you're on, any troubleshooting steps you've tried etc. 


Hope this info is helpful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else!


Have a lovely day 🙂


It wasn't resolved. I'd suggest resolving the issue, instead dancing around it and having us make new issues and start this circus all over again.


Removing the widget removed the pop-up. I had just recently started trying the widget again after a long hiatus when it popped up. Feel free to create a new thread and move my post there if you want, @Katerina, but this is the thread that shows up in external search engines.

Samsung Galaxy S8


Android 9