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Annoying Trojan Condom Ads

These new Trojan condom ads that have been playing are extremely annoying. I've heard the same one at least ten times today, and while I'm not going to be dramatic and claim the condom commercials are "life destroying" or anything of the sort, they are terribly annoying.


They all start with "This is rapper/actor/model Little Dicky..." and this guy manages to end every sentence with an inflection in his voice normally reserved for questions, not to mention his mispronounciation of "laissez-faire".


Finally, I do agree with the people asking for ways to opt out of certain advertisements, as I can imagine someone with little kids probably doesn't want to have to field questions about what condoms or STDs are.


A really easy solution to this would be allowing people to opt out of certain ads, and ensuring there's more variety in your ads. Seriously, I don't need to hear the same Trojan ad with that annyoing guy so many times - try to sell me some other stuff. How about advertisements for better headphones, just please don't hire that Little Dicky guy to do the ad.


Thanks for your time.

Hey @sturnado!


Welcome to the Community.


Thanks for reporting. We didn't mean to cause offense. We'll pass your feedback on to the right folks.


Our best,


A year later and he's still annoying Spotify listeners.  Perhaps the ads are being kept to push people to Spotify Premium?


I don't mind ads, most people here don't mind it. I'll listen to an hour of covered California if I have to to get music. What I despise is Trojans choice of spokesmen because of his execution of the ad. His condescending voice is what gets everyone here. This is a thread where people voice their concerns and I don't see yours thereign. 


Agreed.  Spotify needs to up it's game regarding advertising category opt-out options.  Not to mention figuring out, once and for all, it's frequency capping functionality for advertisers.  I listen to Spotify while working (media planning), but would NEVER listen when my kids are in ear shot, specifically because of this Trojan ad, which I hear 15-20 times per day.  Not family friendly, nor advertiser friendly.  


I'm currently offended and uncomfortable with the new Trojan ad playing over and over again. In the environments where I typically listen to music, ads about "screamers" losing their voices from lots of **bleep**, isn't really appropriate. 


The fact that "**bleep**" is sensored in this forum should be proof enough that these Trojan ads are crossing a line. 


I hate these ads. Going back to pandora 


I had to comment about these ads because I'm just trying to study with some peaceful piano music when an inappropriate ad for myself and my little sister starts playing. Then we hustle to turn down the volume on the google mini while it plays. It's extremely annoying and bothering for perhaps the majority of listeners.

Please remove these Trojan ads. They are offensive.