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Annoying Trojan Condom Ads

These new Trojan condom ads that have been playing are extremely annoying. I've heard the same one at least ten times today, and while I'm not going to be dramatic and claim the condom commercials are "life destroying" or anything of the sort, they are terribly annoying.


They all start with "This is rapper/actor/model Little Dicky..." and this guy manages to end every sentence with an inflection in his voice normally reserved for questions, not to mention his mispronounciation of "laissez-faire".


Finally, I do agree with the people asking for ways to opt out of certain advertisements, as I can imagine someone with little kids probably doesn't want to have to field questions about what condoms or STDs are.


A really easy solution to this would be allowing people to opt out of certain ads, and ensuring there's more variety in your ads. Seriously, I don't need to hear the same Trojan ad with that annyoing guy so many times - try to sell me some other stuff. How about advertisements for better headphones, just please don't hire that Little Dicky guy to do the ad.


Thanks for your time.

Hey @sturnado!


Welcome to the Community.


Thanks for reporting. We didn't mean to cause offense. We'll pass your feedback on to the right folks.


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Hey @sturnado!


Welcome to the Community.


Thanks for reporting. We didn't mean to cause offense. We'll pass your feedback on to the right folks.


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Yes! Especially people like myself who work with kids and students.  We play clean music using spotify and ads about **bleep** (edit: look your filters don't even think the 3 letter word starting with s and ending with x is okay to write!) and enjoying it, STDs, and alchohol are absolutely not okay! I recognize that without premium, we will recieve ads and I am okay with that.  However the ads that I get on a frequent basis are not safe for our audience and I often find myself having to mute certain commercials if I can get to our sound system quick enough.


I am so incredibly sick of hearing this stupid condom commerical. Ive heard it every commercial break. every. single. one. This guy sounds like a d!ck btw whoever this dude is. 


Inexcusable.  As a parent I will choose when its time to expose my children to this particular topic. Makes me wonder why Spotify would run these poorly written commercials.


  • Completely ignorant of their responsibilities to their audience
  • Tactic to "encourage" free account holders to upgrade
  • Tactic to reduce free account usage


To think I was close to purchasing a family subscription.  Switching to another service until this is resolved.  



I've been having these commercials lately and I really hate the message the guy puts out. At the end he tells us to "be an adult and put a condom on" yet many like myself have religious views that are against condom usage. Also, these ads make you not want to play your music out loud. Spotify should really allow you to regulate the ads you receive. 


I. HATE. THIS. AD. Clearly there are people who share this same opinion and others too but are unvoiced. Give us the option to select specific ads. You wont even do it since Spotify is most likely under a contract/deal with Trojans to play the ad to advance the upgrade to premium so this is probably a waste of time.


Please get rid of these commercials... they are so ridiculous, and the inflection in the guy's voice is enough to drive anyone crazy.


totally agree with this!


I couldn't have said it better myself.  I hate this ad. I wouldnt mind if I only had to listen to it once per listening session, but it's literally every other ad.  In a 8-hour day at work, I have to listen to this ad about 16 times.  


Relax. Don't like ads, pay for premium. That's the whole idea. Ads are based on age entered when you sign up. Obviously they are going to target the owner of the account. If you play music on your account for little kids and there are adult commercials, maybe its time to upgrade? Any kid above 12 should be hearing commercials about safe **bleep**, same way they do in school at that age.