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App Crashing on Android (SOLVED)




The Netherlands


(OnePlus 6 / Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge)

Operating System

(Android Pie / Android Nougat)


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Hello my friends,


I have been having issues with the Spotify app on my Android devices since the last update (currently two hours ago). It crashes every time you open the app after 15 to 30 seconds. Since I'm experiencing this issue on two devices, I think I'm not the only one with this issue. Can you please fix it?


Update: It has been fixed! I'm not having issues on the 8.4.77 update. Thanks Spotify!


Thanks in advance!

Hey all,


Spotify version 8.4.77 has been rolled out and this should have resolved this issue. Try to do a quick reinstallation to be on the safe side, instructions on how to do this can be found here.


Have a nice day!







LG Fiesta LTE

Operating System

  • Android 7.0: Nougat

My Question or Issue

 I've had issues over the last few months with the app closing randomly but today every time I open spotify and start to play a song, it crashes and closes completely. This happens whether I am on wifi or using data, whether I'm hooked up to bluetooth or not, I've made sure the settings are set to ignore battery optimization and I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice so far. Super frustrating.... Please help.


Same here, not exactly closes but crashes and restarts like iv'e just opened it. Tried everything. 

P.s : its new from today. Yesterday all worked fine and i didnt update anything before it started crashing. Now i have already tried settings, uninstalling and installing again...still same.

I have the same experience since this morning. The app updated and now it crashes all the time!!

Same problem here! Keeps crashing after ca 10-15 seconds since the last update (yesterday). I´m using the Galaxy S9 and tried the usual stuff (reinstall, reboot etc)

Please fix it!


same here, app almost immediately crashes when trying to do anything with the latest update (Samsung Galaxy A5 ,Android 7.0)


Not happy, at all


not sure what was changed but the app is sure as **bleep** unstable


Same issue on a Galaxy S6.

I have updated to version to the new version with apperently a new interface as well and now everywhere i click , it crashes. Searching for songs make the app exit and everything else pretty much gives a crash.


I'm also having the same issue!

Plan - Premium

Country - Philippines

Platform - Spotify Android App

Device - Samsung Galaxy A6+




yes same here.  Galaxy 8.  Tried reinstallling - looks different and rubbish like it's been hacked.  and keeps crashing and get the "spotify keeps Crashing" message - er yes I know.  Was fine this morning (UK).  Abandoned trying to use and will cancul sub I think.


yes same here UK  Rubbish