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App crashing after seconds on Android TV






Ematic SRT202

Operating System

Android TV 9

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When i use the Spotify app it works perfect during browsing. However, when i select a song it plays max two minutes. Then the sound disappears for one second and the app crashes. I've already cleared the cache and data from the Spotify app, deleted the app and reinstalled it again. Even a factory reset of the box didn't solved the issue. The other installed apps (Deezer, TuneIn, Netflix, Videoland, Youtube etc.) working all fine... Anyone an idea how to solve this?

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!



If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you make a new thread in the relevant board? We'll get back to you there.



its an issue with spotify app, having the issue. Actually it makes my tv un usable untill I force quit the app, seems like a memory leak problem on Sony TV at least

Same problem here in Belgium. Hope Spotify Will provide An update to resolve this issue. Seems they don't react very fast. Off course it Will prevent me to buy a paid version.


What's the solution here? I also have a Sony TV and the Spotify app makes the TV crash every time I use it. This is really disappointing considering I pay so much for Spotify. 


Currently, there is no solution for the actual app.


The only work around I've found is using chrome cast onto the TV.


It's not ideal but it's a lot more stable.


Same problem - XBR930E

It seems to get worse over time (crashing more quickly). I uninstalled the Spotify app and reinstalled it, and it ran well for several hours. But 2-3 days later, it started crashing again. Latest version of Android, other apps work fine, yada yada, something wrong with the Spotify app. 


Additional info:

  • I'm running Spotify Premium - so this shouldn't be an ad-related issue. Unless it's when ads would normally be heard? I wonder if others running into this problem are all subscribers or using the free version of Spotify.
  • I had two users connected (Family account) so I removed one so there's only a single user in case this might have something to do with it (I doubt it)
  • It is definitely NOT a network/router/firewall/connection issue - all of my other devices work fine all the time and my connection is fast enough.

I am also on Premium - and it happens in the middle of songs, not just in the gaps. 

Same here - usually after a few seconds within a song.

I have brand new 55XF9005 and same problem here. Crash after 5-6 songs


I've been having the same problem on my Sony KD-65XD7505 for at least a year now.  Spotify is almost completely unusable on it so I turn to YouTube instead.  It's a shame because this system is what I listen to most of my music on while at home.


The fact that a proper fix still hasn't been released is amazing to me.  They clearly have no interest in supporting the Android TV platform.  Not enough users I guess.  It also speaks to their internal SW testing processes.  How could a complete showstopper like this even make it through the release process?  And frankly I'm tired of being told to restart, sign out of all my devices, etc etc.  These aren't fixes.  They're workarounds.  The problem shouldn't happen at all in the first place!