App crashing on Android when connected via WiFi

Hi all, 


We're aware of some recent reports in which the app was crashing on Android when connected via WiFi.


Rest assured, our best tech folks are already on the case as we speak. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon.


We'd like everyone affected to try the following:


  • Log out / Log in
  • Restart the device
  • Try a reinstall and clear the app's data
  • Try the app on other devices
  • Use a different internet connection

Once you've tried all of the above and it's still not working, comment in this thread with:


  • Device(s) and Operating system(s)
  • Version(s) of Spotify
  • Country
  • Confirm it's happening only on WiFi

Most importantly, if you’re having this issue, be sure to click +VOTE at the top of this thread.



Hey folks!

Thanks for the recent comments here.
We're happy to hear that many of you are up and running again.

The team have been working on this one backstage.
If you're still experiencing this, can you try starting the app again once more, with WiFi initially disabled?
This should do the trick.

If this doesn't help, we'd recommend reaching out in a new thread.

We'll then be able to take another look into things for you.

Many thanks,



As of around 2 hours ago, using Spotify with wifi enabled on my android phone (s8) causes the application to lag for about 5 seconds before it crashes.

If I use the app with 4g or with wifi turned off then it works just fine.

I've tried the usual troubleshooting (reinstall, clear cache, ect) and none of that has fixed it.

This may be irrelevant but on my account page, Spotify says I have no offline devices, despite the fact that I have 2, is this whats causing the issue?



Im having the exact same problem one plus 5t


Spotify also crashing whenever i connect to my home network wifi on my Oneplus 5.


Same here 



Same problem with my LG G4 (Premium for Students)


Same on my s8, massively frustrating

Music Fan

Same here with update from today afternoon. After freezing for some seconds it crashes right after startup. Samsung A5 (2017) and Android 8.0.

Hey Spotify guys, how do you test your new versions before releasing them?


Fix it or you'll loose a premium customer !!!!!!


Same here. OnePlus 3. Does noone test new builds before they go up on Google Play?!


I've tried manually downgrading to an older version and that hasn't fixed it either, so I assume it's some sort of problem with the Spotify servers?


same problem with the huawei p20 pro 

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